Siemens Site Controls EMS for Retail Enterprises

Site Controls™ EMS for Retail Enterprises

Reduce energy use, maintenance costs, and your carbon footprint 

Achieve operational efficiency at every one of your facilities with our cloud-based energy management solution.

In today’s competitive retail environment, managing energy has proven to be one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to reduce costs. Seamlessly installed in new, remodeled, and retrofitted locations, the Siemens Site Controls EMS is helping enterprises throughout North America achieve significant energy and equipment maintenance savings while increasing your operational efficiencies. Let our intelligent technology and expert Client Services team do the same for you.
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“By working closely together, ALDI and Siemens were able to successfully install Site Controls at more than 1,100 sites in less than 10 months.  With Site Controls, ALDI anticipates reducing carbon emissions by 29,000 metric tons per year—the annual equivalent of removing 6,100 cars from the road or of providing electricity for 4,000 homes.” 
ALDI Grocery Chain

The Site Controls DIfference

Are You Making the Right Choice in an Energy Management Partner?

For most retailers today, the question is not if but when to invest in an Energy Management System (EMS). But in a market where untested technologies promise unbelievable savings and startup EMS vendors come and go, how can you ensure that you are partnering with a company who will deliver the promised returns over time?

An investment with Site Controls is different. Our promises are backed by demonstrated results, enterprise-class case studies and a proven commitment to innovation from Siemens, a global R&D powerhouse.

Learn more below, and then contact us to develop a tailored ROI analysis for you.


Industry-leading Enterprise Visibility and Control

  • Powerful analytics and dashboards in an easy-to-use interface via Site Controls Enterprise Portal
  • Automatic detection and resolution of equipment issues, overrides or factors impacting store comfort
  • Intuitive user interface with built-in KPI’s and enterprise dashboards

    Find out how the Site Controls Enterprise Portal is different.

‘Self-Healing’ Action Engine Automatically Resolves Site Issues

The Site Controls Action Engine is revolutionizing the energy management industry by moving from analytics to automated actions.

The system automatically resolves common site issues, replacing many of the day-to-day tasks currently performed by your admin staff or outsourced monitoring vendor – or, even worse, not performed at all!


Proactive Management Yields Higher Savings

  • The powerful combination of the Enterprise Portal, the Action Engine and open API’s for integration to Work Order management systems make it easy for retailers to automatically leverage EMS data to reduce R&M expense.
  • Getting the full ROI on an EMS requires both supporting reactive use cases and proactive management of HVAC and lighting equipment.

HVAC Optimization Solutions Provide Additional 6-10% Savings

  • Site Controls includes advanced HVAC optimization features for energy efficiency (kWh) and peak demand (kW) reductions such as Intelligent Demand Control Ventilation (iDCV), Psychrometric Controls, Global Economizer Controls and Intelligent Load Management
  • These unique capabilities prolong HVAC lifecycles, limit demand and decrease energy usage while protecting customer comfort
  • Unlike third-party ‘bolt-on’ HVAC solutions, these capabilities are pre-integrated into the Enterprise Portal, enabling retailers to avoid additional costs associated with integration and monitoring of 3rd party hardware/software, thus delivering a greater return on investment.

Adaptable and Extensible to Monitor All Types of Equipment

The Site Controls platform is highly extensible to monitor and control a wide variety of equipment, from HVAC and lighting to solar panels and on-site wind generation. Sites with built-up systems and VAV controllers can be viewed, measured and controlled in the same platform as sites with standard packaged HVAC units, allowing for a single global view of all assets across your portfolio.

Automated Aggregated Demand Response with Intelligent Load Management

Siemens is the only EMS provider also registered as Curtailment Service Provider (CSP) in most major Demand Response (DR) markets across the US. Our unique aggregation engine manages hundreds of buildings as a single portfolio, generating higher revenues, eliminating operational disruption and avoiding the downsides of 3rd party bolt-on DR vendors.

Achieve Your Goals with and Energy Management Service Agreement

Achieve Your Goals with and Energy Management Service Agreement

Energy Management Services Agreement (EMSA)


The Siemens Energy Management Service Agreement (EMSA) is designed to assist businesses that recognize the significant positive impact, both financially and environmentally, in deploying an energy management system (EMS) but are prevented from making the commitment due to limited access to corporate capital, insufficient staff to effectively monitor an EMS, and uncertainty as to whether an EMS investment will achieve the desired financial returns.

For a monthly service fee that is offset by the energy and maintenance savings that result with an EMS, the Siemens EMSA will provide the key Siemens products, software and services required to effectively outsource all aspects of demand side energy management along with contractual assurance that the program will be cash-flow positive, guaranteed.  By combining an integrated set of equipment-based services with a savings assurance backed by a global automation leader, the Siemens EMSA offers a compelling alternative to traditional approaches to energy management.

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The Total Energy Management Approach

The Total Energy Management Approach

A recognized leader in energy and sustainability for all types of buildings, our business is to help clients optimize their supply of energy, reduce their consumption of costly resources and help their businesses become more sustainable. From energy reduction to energy production and procurement, and even long-term investment protection, Siemens is equipped to assist in customizing an energy management program that addresses needs from both sides of the meter. Our approach ensures a comprehensive plan to meet clients’ strategic and technical goals today while protecting and optimizing their investments well into the future via continuous data analysis and support.