Sterling Ranch, Colorado

A cutting-edge partnership with Siemens makes Sterling Ranch the perfect place for technology-forward people who want to live in an inspiring, natural setting.
20-Year Partnership

Creating a smart community in the Rocky Mountains Front Range

Sterling Ranch has partnered with Siemens to create a new 3,400-acre community 15 miles south of Denver that is a model for smart-city, sustainable development. Over a forward-thinking 20-year partnership, Sterling Ranch and Siemens are implementing the best, most relevant smart technology and keeping it up to date for years to come. This focus on the future informs today and facilitates scalability, ongoing updates, and integration of new technology as the community incorporates new residents, businesses, schools, and healthcare facilities.
Creating a perfect place

Changing lives with a modern home on the range

A global leader in technology, acknowledged for its smart-city expertise, Siemens is dedicated to helping communities create perfect places to live, work, learn, heal, and play. The founders of Sterling Ranch were drawn to Siemens for its shared commitment to bringing innovation and sustainability together. They are building a modern home on the range that features the latest technological amenities while embracing and conserving natural resources.
A new environment

The perfect place for Coloradans

Sterling Ranch is the environment many Coloradans have craved thanks to its combination of powerful technology with a respect for nature. The technology improves everyday life while making the community sustainable in both proven and unique methodologies. For example, water management is vital in this semi-arid region. Storm water capture and smart irrigation systems are among the practices Sterling Ranch has pioneered in Colorado.

Technology drives innovations

Sterling Ranch chose Siemens to be its technology partner because of its global expertise in smart communities and its local leadership and support. Together, the partners are redefining what it means to be a community. They have created a “gigabit community” with the fastest Internet connection available – full-length HD movies can be downloaded in six seconds – providing amenities typically only found in dense, urban centers. Siemens designed the intelligent infrastructure that makes these connections possible, setting the standard for smart development.    

Unique home automation platform

Residential units are equipped with the exclusive STEWARD home automation and security platform, developed by Siemens in conjunction with Sterling Ranch. It connects residents with ongoing community news feeds, accessible at home or via a mobile app, that foster a sense of belonging. It also allows residents to see their environmental impact: water, electric, and natural gas metering shows real-time consumption data.

Safety at home and outside

STEWARD keeps residents safe at home while a modern public safety infrastructure makes the community welcoming and protective. It’s a place where children are safe to visit their nearby grandparents or play in a local park. Lighting for streets, trails, and sidewalks is integrated with the mass notification system. Multi-colored beacons atop streetlights are switched on in emergencies. There’s a different color for different emergencies, from fire to tornado to lost child.

Sterling Ranch Case Study

Perfect for today and tomorrow

Sterling Ranch is a new kind of community. One that’s home to people passionate about nature and the latest technology. And that’s home to wildlife, natural landscapes, and beautiful vistas. The combination is undeniable. With Siemens on hand to make sure technology remains cutting-edge for years to come, the future is bright for all of its inhabitants.