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Transforming Building Security

The world is changing. As our lives become closer and more connected, we face new challenges: How do we keep our employees, assets, and business safe? How can we ensure compliance? How do we safeguard our investments?

University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Find out how the University of Tennessee Health Science Center integrated multiple building technologies, including their security platform, by partnering with Smart infrastructure from Siemens.

Panorama Tower

The tallest building on the East Coast south of New York, Panorama Tower, features an array of exclusive amenities, services and building features.

The first aspect of making a building like this feel like home is to insure people feel safe and secure. Learn how Siemens integrated security into the building, allowing the property to have the proper access control, security cameras and more.

Unified Security Solution

Our Unified Security Solution connects SiPass integrated Access Control and Siveillance Video Management systems and adds the ability to integrate other security and third-party applications.


With our unified solution you have the potential to control your security more easily and effectively. It puts the information you need for seamless alarm management at your fingertips – all on a single screen.

Security in the markets

Physical security is critical to achieving a building owner's goal of occupant and visitor safety, and the pressure to keep pace through the deployment of integrated, modern security systems has never been greater. By combining practical security knowledge with the latest in security technology, Siemens offers integrated security solutions across many areas of building infrastructure. 

Physical security in healthcare environments is an immediate and ongoing concern. Siemens offers security solutions in the areas of patient comfort (room-based environmental controls), safety (access control, tracking and altering, video monitoring, fire protection), compliance (critical storage and lab monitoring, essential system reporting), and operational and clinical efficiency (command center, lighting and electrical control, and advanced analytics) - to name a few.

The evolution in industrial security among workers and the changing nature of threats to human and asset safety have made the protection of employees, products and data more complex over time. Fortunately, there are new, integrated digital solutions that help factories achieve higher levels of prevention and resilience while eliminating downtime and enhancing situational awareness.

Security Solutions

Safe and healthy buildings

Fast, accurate, and FDA-cleared body temperature screening

With a body temperature screening kiosk you can welcome employees and visitors into your building with confidence and without slowing down the daily pace of life. Provided by our technology partner Wello, the welloStationX is a self-service, no-contact temperature monitoring kiosk  that can be integrate with your own door control system to create a more seamless experience. It’s a proven, people-friendly approach to help improve overall employee health and safety.