Port Manatee

Bringing security and efficiency to a world-class seaport

Located at the entrance to Tampa Bay along Florida’s Gulf Coast, Port Manatee is one of the state’s largest and fastest growing deep water seaports. Each year, approximately 8 million tons of cargo passes through Port Manatee on its way into and out of the Southeast.
Smart integration and innovative digital tools

Siemens helps one of Florida’s fastest-growing ports be more secure and efficient

Robust integrated access control system meets new security regulations and improves port operations Combined access control and command & control helps port officials track movement of goods throughout the port Positions for Port Manatee for future growth by increasing automation and establishing business-focused workflows

Port Manatee has advanced over $10 million in security-related project in recent years. Among the most important initiatives was implementation of the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) system. Mandated by the Maritime Transportation Security Act, the TWIC program provides secure credentials for all workers needing to access secure areas of maritime facilities, such as Port Manatee.

When it came time to implement TWIC, Port Manatee was looking to do more than just meet the minimum requirements of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The port’s management team saw this as an opportunity to implement a robust and integrated access control system.


One of the main challenges for Port Manatee was implementing a single solution flexible enough to address the wide range of activities at the port. The ideal system would help port officials track the movement of goods throughout the port, and establish workflows to manage different commodity types and make sure the right cargo was moved in and out properly.

With SiPass, Port Manatee has the access control solution it needs to meet TWIC requirements, raising the level of protection at Port Manatee without impacting the flow of traffic. Siemens Vantage provides a single interface to manage access control and other systems, such as video surveillance and lighting.


Leveraging SiPass and Vantage, Port Manatee has been able to streamline its processes and increase efficiency. More port visitors can be monitored via surveillance instead of costly one-on-one escorts. At one port entrance a fully-automated plaza operation has been enabled, allowing Port Manatee to increase throughput without adding staff. The new integrated system also establishes greater accountability among port employees and users.

The Siemens system is built around compliance. From the time they come in and tell us what they’re doing, we can track them.
David St. Pierre, Director of Seaport Security Port Manatee

A better way to work

Beyond integration to secure the bottom line

Siemens engineers went beyond integrating security equipment into Vantage. Working with port officials, they developed workflows within Vantage and integrated systems critical to those processes, such as refrigeration systems for perishable items. With SiPass and Vantage, port staff can utilize automation and workflows to better track and manage visitors and port users. The port can do more with less. And, with intelligent workflows established, port operations are completed more efficiently.


Since 9/11, security expenses have grown at an accelerated rate – with the burden falling mainly on the port’s budget. With its ability to create that one-to-one match between port users and cargo, Port Manatee has greater transparency into who is using what service and can recoup more of their own costs.