Siveillance Viewpoint

Siveillance Control

Siveillance™ Control is a welcome departure from existing physical security incident management systems.

Take the complexity out of physical security incident management

This groundbreaking, productized approach uses the latest technology and methods to import sensors and integrate data seamlessly – taking the complexity out of physical security incident management. A unique, logical structure and user interface ensure optimized decision-making and incident management, increasing safety and security for employees and visitors, assuring operational continuity, and ensuring compliance to corporate security policies. Siveillance Control is physical security incident management redefine.


A truly next-generation system, Siveillance Control eliminates complexity using the latest technology

  • Intelligent workflows and use of subsystem data enhance decision-making
  • An interactive platform, with Multi-View, supports smarter response
  • Fully geo-referenced system intelligence, reduces the time to capture and map components from minutes to seconds

An open, flexible, future-proof design offers maximum flexibility and investment protection

  • Consolidates a variety of safety and security systems on one common platform
  • Open interfaces easy integration of future hardware and software generations
  • Remote support and other services ensure high system performance for the long-term

Siveillance Control enhances your decision support processes with the most advanced event handling capabilities on the market.

  • Leading messages linked automatically with additional technical information
  • Dedicated view for incoming alerts and changes
  • Dynamic, event-related adaption of escalation level and type of event, depending on the actual situation
  • Optimized Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) derived from event type and location

The Multi-View feature enables a quick, visual assessment for a rapid, informed response.

  • Selection of different geographical layers
  • Colored highlighted for affected areas
  • Dynamic zooming
  • Simultaneous event-related representation of graphic elements
  • Varied visual representation of graphic, video, and web

Siveillance Control is the first system of its kind to incorporate fully geo-referenced system intelligence.

  • Correlates maps and floor plans with subsystem export data
  • Automatic correlation of events, based on geo-referencing
  • Automatic assignment of detectors and objects to freely define areas (e.g. rooms, floors)
  • Minimizes errors, time, and cost

Siveillance Control features “Cybersecurity by Design” - our IT-friendly, hardened, software architecture.

  • Security is locked in during software development
  • Certificate-based data exchange and secure, encrypted communication
  • Verified by independent, world-class penetration testing
  • Adaptable to any IT environment with little maintenance effort

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