Siveillance Identity

Siveillance Identity for SiPass integrated

An efficient, easy approach to identity management.

Seamlessly oversee access approval management with Siveillance Identity for SiPass integrated

Handle SiPass access privileges with ease

In a connected and digital world, it’s never been more important that physical access control seamlessly integrates with your HR and IT environments. While employees need to gain access to their workplaces smoothly and efficiently, it’s just as important that physical access can be revoked instantly and reliably when someone leaves the organization.


Siveillance Identity™ for SiPass integrated gives you the tools you need to handle SiPass access privileges quickly and easily. Automated approval workflows and clearly-defined processes help you streamline and simplify access requests across all of your locations.    

Improving operational efficiency and security

Add-on solution for SiPass integrated access control

As an add-on solution for SiPass integrated access control, Siveillance Identity facilitates this aspect of your day-to-day security operations with an easily-configured, enforced, and auditable workflow. With Siveillance Identity, you get:

  • Active directory for authentication: Interface with your active directory for more efficient onboarding and offboarding.
  • Intuitive self-service portal: Centralize support for users of any level, anywhere and anytime they need to access the building or specific areas of it, to simplify your security operations, improve efficiencies, and empower employees.
  • Automated approval workflows: Reduce manual operations, increase employee productivity, and improve security and auditability with configurable, automated approval workflows. No programming skills or training are required to configure sequential or parallel approvals.
  • Traceable request: Improve corporate compliance efforts with traceable, auditable requests and approval processes.
  • User-centric design and accessibility: Reduce training and IT costs with self-explanatory menu structures, online context-sensitive help and tips, and accessibility from any device.    

Rely on Siemens solutions and services as security threats become more complex

Meeting your needs today and tomorrow

As security threats become more complex, you can rely on Siemens to create and service scalable security systems that meet your needs today and tomorrow. Our expertise in addressing complex security challenges combines with our smart security solutions and services that streamline and enhance your security strategies to deliver increased operational efficiencies, reduced system complexity, and a single view for all security operations.

By unifying security and building systems—and adding analytics and services—you not only create an integrated smart building, you also create clarity and actionable insights for your entire organization.