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Siveillance Video Cloud

Advanced cloud-based surveillance and analytics made simple, secure and accessible.
Cloud-based surveillance

Simple and powerful surveillance for any organization

Siveillance Video Cloud is an advanced cloud-based surveillance solution that’s accessible to almost any organization, regardless of size and budget. Designed from the ground up to be simple and powerful, Siveillance Video Cloud is easy to install, requires little in terms of on-site hardware and software and leverages our powerful centralized platform. You get leading-edge surveillance and analytics that’s intuitive, user-friendly and secure while minimizing your upfront investment and ongoing maintenance.

Simple to use by design

Siveillance Video Cloud makes advanced video surveillance and analytics easy to use and manage:

  • Minimal on-site hardware for simple and fast implementation
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface and dashboards
  • Simplifies training across your organization
  • Powerful applications include people/vehicle identification, people counting, heat mapping
  • Latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning enabling the system to learn and update

Highly secure

Designed with cybersecurity in mind, Siveillance Video Cloud offers greater security and privacy compared to traditional on-premise systems:

  • Arcules Cloud Gateway is capable encrypting data in transit and at rest in the cloud
  • No on-premise software, open ports or on-site firewalls
  • Auto-updates to software can support new security measures
  • On-site backup supports redundancy and business continuity

An accessible cloud solution

Siveillance Video Cloud provides more opportunities to take advantage of the benefits of cloud-based security:

  • Less on-site hardware means avoiding high upfront costs and more maintenance
  • Auto-updates keep software always current and secure
  • Access the latest in AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics
  • Adaptable and scalable to the changing needs of your organization
  • A single, unified experience across multiple sites and users accessible across multiple platforms
  • A simple, subscription based model

How Siveillance Video Cloud Works

Every component, connection and data flow in Siveillance Video Cloud is designed for an optimal user experience, today and tomorrow. It uses minimal on-site hardware – just video cameras and a gateway that securely pushes data to the cloud. Siveillance Video Cloud is secure and scalable:

  • Data encrypted at rest and in transit
  • No port forwarding
  • Allows for cameras to be easily grouped in secure areas
  • Requires only one Arcules Cloud Gateway for each site
  • Compatible with most network video devices
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Creating perfect places with smart security

Today’s businesses face a range of key security challenges, which can include anticipating threats, securing complex sites, controlling access to facilities and monitoring multiple locations, not to mention the need for notifying occupants and stakeholders in the event of an emergency. A global leader in security, Siemens can provide the equipment, services and solutions that support your goals.

Move your surveillance to the Siveillance Video Cloud.

If you’re ready to learn more about how Siveillance Video Cloud can provide your organization with simple and powerful cloud-based video surveillance, contact your Siemens team today.