Maximize security with unified access control and video surveillance

Maximize security with unified access control and video surveillance

How can you increase security? By getting your video and access control systems to talk to each other with our Unified Security Solution. You’ll be able to manage both systems on one screen.
Unified Security Solution

Seamless data sharing keeps people and assets safer

Take your security to the next level. Our Unified Security Solution makes your team more efficient and their response times faster. It connects Siemens SiPass integrated Access Control and Siveillance Video Management so the systems can interact and quickly share data. Events from both systems are automatically analyzed as a single data set. Operators receive the results immediately on a single screen. They can use automated events and rule triggers to provide rapid, accurate alarm management. With vital information at their fingertips, your team helps ensure your operations are safer than ever.
Smart, transparent management

Single user interface enables fast, accurate responses

Our Unified Security Solution is a smarter way to manage security. It’s an all-in-one solution that speeds alarm responses so you can provide holistic protection. Unification collects information from different security systems and presents the information in a transparent, intuitive manner – all on one screen. Since operators don’t have to switch between multiple screens, you don’t have to worry about important events being missed.


Operators have access to data captured from all connected systems so they can manage all of the technology, including video surveillance, access control, license plate recognition, alarms, intercoms and elevators. They can display all video cameras, access points, intrusion points, alarms and events on a graphical map for easy handling. The single user interface makes it easier to command and control the access control points, verify entry and exit, and perform multiple actions as needed. Greater efficiency makes responses faster.

Flexible, scalable

Security for today and tomorrow

Security needs change and grow. With our Unified Security Solution you can add applications with ease. Featuring a simple set up process and minimal onsite configuration, it's one security solution that continues to add value year after year.

Our solution allows open integration of systems and products, including third-party offerings, so you can get started without complex integration or scripting. You’ll be able to implement systems easily and leverage powerful APIs.


You can choose from a variety of video cameras, biometric readers and mobile credential readers. You can also integrate other applications, such as visitor registration, elevator management, gunshot detection, intercoms, license plate recognition (LPR), forensic search platforms and various types of video analytics. In addition, you can monitor and control video, access and fire alarm systems from a single all-purpose security interface by adding Siemens UL-Listed fire alarm stations. Most important, our solutions are secure by design. This makes it possible to increase connectivity and interoperability without making your operations vulnerable.

Reap the rewards

Turn to a proven partner for security you can trust

Rely on Siemens for unified security solutions that help you control your security more easily and effectively. Our comprehensive approach is designed to protect your people and assets and increase organizational efficiency by keeping operations safe and resilient. Working closely with you, we can tailor a solution that meets all your needs.