Advisory & Performance Services

Advisory and Performance Services

Driving outcomes through value-based services. Our experts work with you to define a service program based on the goals and outcomes you need to achieve.
Smart for the new normal

Smart Infrastructure Summit & Expo

Join us for this complimentary series of one-of-a-kind, live online events. Hear from industry leaders and Siemens experts as they describe the new normal in smart infrastructure and explain the technologies and innovations leading the way.

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Smart Infrastructure Summit & Expo - Smart Fire & Life Safety
Smart Fire & Life Safety

Focus on why protection matters to lives, property and business continuity. Learn how fire safety is going digital, what NFPA codes to watch, and why “smarter” means “safer.”

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Smart Infrastructure Summit & Expo - Smart Buildings and IoT
Smart Buildings & IoT

Smart, connected buildings capture data, generate insights, optimize performance and contribute to your organization’s goals and deliver the ideal occupant experience. Learn how technology and the IoT can help meet the vision for your building. 

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Smart Infrastructure Summit & Expo - Smart Security
Smart Security

How can you operate smarter while keeping your people, assets and businesses safe?  Today’s challenges can be addressed by smart services to support you today and into the future.

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Designing service strategies to meet your business goals.

Advisory and Performance Services take a value-based approach to service; we call it Proven Outcomes. We help you reach those goals with the support of knowledgeable service professionals, the latest digital technology, and smart processes that increase productivity and efficiency. These services deliver the results you need and demonstrate them with consistent tracking and robust reporting. Advisory and Performance Services are designed for your success.


  •  Defining success - Together, we will put in place the process for monitoring performance and measuring results.
  • Delivering performance - Through your service program, you’ll be leveraging the full resources of our entire organization to address your business goals.
  •  Demonstrating results - We document results through tracking and reporting of your KPIs, providing the metrics you need to demonstrate performance.  We regularly review the results of the service program and discuss potential changes.

Outcomes that support your mission

Siemens partners with you to create and maintain perfect places by delivering service-based outcomes that support your mission. With over 3,000 service experts and powerful technology, we deliver new customer and occupant experiences. Our trained building technology experts in Fire, Security, Automation, Electrical, Mechanical, Energy and IoT can be on onsite or work with you remotely – helping you manage system operation and compliance, optimize performance and productivity, improve occupant and employee experiences and protect your lifecycle investment. 

Services that deliver outcomes you want to achieve.

We’ve structured our service portfolio around achieving the common facility outcomes that help organizations meet their business goals.

Achieve optimal results for the life of your facility.

Protect your building systems with the unmatched resources of Siemens:


  • More than 3,100 service employees at 100+ offices across North America
  • Local knowledge and expertise backed by global resources
  • Dedicated, experienced, and highly trained service professionals that know your systems and building codes
  • On-call service technicians available 24/7 for expedited service response
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Enhance building performance

Digital Services from Siemens

By using data to focus activities on the highest priorities, we help you optimize maintenance workflow and enhance staff productivity. With a comprehensive portfolio of digital services—including cloud-based technology, highly-trained building engineers and service technicians, and proven processes, Siemens helps your building reach new levels of performance. By continuously analyzing your facility’s data, we gain new insights into building conditions and operations.    

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