Holistic building services

Optimize your HVAC operations with a holistic service strategy.

Our data-driven approach to service unifies your BMS, network, and equipment to deliver better performance and greater value.
The Service Challenge

Is your service strategy helping or hindering your building?

The success of a building’s operations typically relies upon three core systems — its HVAC equipment, the equipment controls, and the network that connects them. When they work in symphony, building performance is optimized meaning fewer problems, happier occupants, and greater ROI. Even though it's critical for these systems to work together, all too often they are managed independently, especially when it comes to service.

Now’s the time to take a holistic approach to service.

As the digital and physical worlds converge, the opportunity to get more value from your service program has never been greater. Our holistic service program has been designed to deliver on that promise. It integrates the services for your HVAC equipment, building management system, and the interconnecting network. HVAC maintenance is transformed from a series of complicated and expensive problems to part of an overall strategy that contributes to the immediate and long-term success of your business and its organizational goals.


Siemens’ holistic service program combines our breadth of expertise — from service managers to remote specialists to on-site engineers — with an unmatched digital service infrastructure. The result is an integrated, data-driven approach that optimizes building performance across the board.

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Making the case — HVAC Integrated Services

Often problems can surface during an optimization project. Working with multiple vendors can lead to “finger pointing” and no one taking responsibility or able to fix these problems. When you work with a vendor, like Siemens, who is responsible for the entire system, and who has the domain knowledge and diagnostic tools to identify root cause, you can avoid this “finger pointing” and can quickly resolve issues.


Discover how to achieve the best possible HVAC management strategy

In our newly published report, we explore the importance and outcomes of implementing an integrated HVAC service strategy to optimize building performance, maximize energy efficiency, and increase staff productivity.


A better workflow that leads to better outcomes

Our holistic approach to service simplifies data collection into one contiguous workflow. It provides a better overall view of your system performance while eliminating a growing challenge in our data-driven world — the abundance of spreadsheets, notifications, alarms, and faults that divert your service team’s attention.


Here’s how it works:  

  • As part of our service program, we continuously collect and monitor BMS, network and mechanical equipment data.
  • When an event occurs, our engineers analyze data to determine cause and priority and forward to the proper remote specialist for resolution.
  • If on-site service is needed, detailed trouble tickets are forwarded to Siemens personnel or your internal team.

Its a smart, remote-first approach that results in fewer but more informed and actionable tickets.


We deliver results.

Through our holistic services program, we've assembled the right resources to deliver comprehensive on-site and remote integrated services.

Advisory and performance services
Proven Outcomes

Services that provide the outcomes you want to achieve.

The entire Siemens service portfolio is built around a value-based approach we call Proven Outcomes. We work with you to define a service program around your business goals and set markers for success. As we deliver our services we document results and provide the metrics you need to demonstrate performance and ensure program success.

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