Mechanical room

Mechanical Services

Improve facility performance, efficiency and comfort with expertly maintained HVAC systems.

Ensure peak facility performance  

Siemens doesn’t just take a test-and-inspect approach, we utilize a reliability centered maintenance approach to combine several maintenance strategies to optimize uptime. We incorporate advanced analytic tools to help clients move from reactive maintenance to more proactive and predictive strategies. And whenever possible, we incorporate our outcome-based service philosophy measuring agreed upon key performance indicators (KPIs) that impact your business goals and objectives.


With properly maintained HVAC systems, you can ensure the comfort of your building’s occupants while improving overall operations. With the right service program one can lower overall operating costs, achieve better facility performance, and realize energy savings.

Siemens Smart Mechanical Services

Smart Mechanical Services combines Mechanical service with digital services and energy efficiency to help our customers increase their facility staff’s productivity while improving HVAC system efficiency.  Many facilities departments are understaffed and struggle to keep pace in a very reactive environment.  Smart Mechanical Services can use the power of predictive maintenance and analytics to help prioritize maintenance issues and identify issues before they become major problems.  This is the value engine that drives higher value for our customer.  Smart Mechanical Service is a new way of thinking about how to approach mechanical services for your facility.

Holistic building services

Optimize HVAC operations with a holistic service strategy.

Our holistic service program integrates the maintenance and monitoring of your HVAC equipment, building management system, and the interconnecting network to deliver better performance and greater value. Transform your HVAC maintenance from a series of problems to part of an overall strategy that contributes to the immediate and long-term success of your business and its organizational goals.

Services tailored to your needs

With a mechanical services program from Siemens you increase the value of your facility in many ways. By properly maintaining HVAC equipment you can: 

  • Improve facility performance while keeping costs low and maintaining comfort 
  • Minimize the risk of unplanned and unbudgeted repairs 
  • Maximize system and equipment reliability and uptime 
  • Improve efficiency
  • Extend equipment life cycle 
  • Improve your facility staff’s productivity and knowledge 
  • Improve operations through best practice sharing with other facilities 
  • Protect the investment in your existing system


Siemens offers you flexible services and solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific facility requirements and budget.

  • Preventive maintenance:  Provides for routine inspection of equipment and records done by our experts.
  • Predictive maintenance: Identifies potential unplanned failures before they negatively impact your facility and budget. 
  • Emergency service: Gets your system back online, quickly and efficiently.
  • System retrofit and replacement:  Repair or replacement of OEM equipment and components to improve efficiency.
  • Performance improvement services: Delivers performance reporting to assure peak efficiency.
  • Training and education: Improve your staff’s productivity and knowledge.

Additional Mechanical Services

Protect the life of your equipment with accurate and timely vibration analysis services

  • Takes the guesswork out of mechanical troubleshooting
  • Provides accurate diagnosis of equipment problems and mechanical failures
  • Delivers easy-to-understand, same-day reports on equipment health and issues
  • Provides predictability for managing equipment and budgeting maintenance

Upgrade air handling with efficiency and redundancy while providing comfort and control.

  • Provides better airflow control to maximize comfort and efficiency
  • Ensures system redundancy to minimize the risk of downtime or system failure 
  • Reduces noise levels, and improves occupant satisfaction and workplace comfort
  • Shortens replacement time and costs with easy, modular installation

Eliminate unnecessary risk, liability and costs with Siemens non-chemical cooling tower water purification.

  • Increase efficiency, safety and sustainability in managing cooling tower water treatment
  • Eliminate need for toxic chemicals and the liability associated with handling hazardous materials
  • Contribute to your organization’s sustainability goals by reducing water, energy and chemical consumption
  • Lower your labor and maintenance costs


Siemens offers a proven, innovative, commercial technology to improve cooling tower management. Our ecological approach to water treatment helps you reduce bacteria, chemical use and costs. You can eliminate the need to manage chemicals through installation of the non-chemical Silver Bullet system, often realizing significant savings in water consumption, a reduction in cost for energy and maintenance, as well as the ability to qualify for LEED and tax rebate credits.

Siemens has a simplified, cost-effective solution for equipment replacement in hard-to-access areas.

  • Installs state-of-the-art equipment in areas with limited access
  • Assembles equipment on site, ensuring components are integrated and installed at optimal levels
  • Reduces installation costs and increases energy efficiency
  • Provides customizable plans with modular pieces for your specific needs

For service requests and more information about Mechanical Services from Siemens, call David Santo, 954.296.2163, or email