Medical Chiller Service Agreement Program

Protect your long-term investment in your MRI so you can continue to focus on patient satisfaction.

Help avoid unplanned MRI downtime

Your MRI machines play an essential role in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions to help create better patient outcomes. At the same time, diagnostic imaging departments are crucial to the financial viability for many healthcare organizations.


That’s why avoiding unplanned downtime and achieving compliance requirements is so important.


Medical chillers are one component to help ensure the proper operation, safety and accuracy for MRIs and other medical scanners by maintaining the specific, required temperatures for the equipment’s components.   

A preventative maintenance service agreement

Protecting your investment

Too often, a medical chiller’s problems go unnoticed until there’s a malfunction or breakdown. And if the chiller malfunctions, it can not only cause unplanned MRI downtime, but it can also create premature equipment failure and increased maintenance costs – not to mention the negative effects on patient care and staff satisfaction.

Adhering to routine preventive maintenance schedules for your medical chillers can help:

  • Prevent expensive repairs and costly, unplanned downtime
  • Maintain proper temperatures for diagnostic imaging equipment operation
  • Support long-term performance and equipment life cycle


Siemens provides comprehensive quarterly and bi-annual medical chiller preventive maintenance service agreements to help protect your investment in diagnostic imaging equipment. Regardless of your type of medical chiller, Siemens trained and certified technicians can perform the necessary maintenance from a tailored service program that includes:

  • Full inspection of all components and connections
  • Testing of all systems to confirm they’re performing to standards
  • Urgent replacement of critical parts
  • Nationwide service, 24/7
Nurse adjusting finger pulse meter on senior patient.

Are you ready for a proactive approach to maintaining your medical chiller?

Siemens has long been a trusted service partner to healthcare organizations. As part of your service agreement, your dedicated Siemens technicians become familiar with your facility’s procedures and environment so they can effectively perform and provide the services you need. Contact our team today.