Smart buildings: Helping through and beyond the pandemic

Smart buildings

A smart building is an active contributor to the experience and success of its stakeholders - during and beyond the pandemic. Create safe and healthy environments and come back with confidence.
Smart for the new normal

Smart Infrastructure Summit & Expo

Join us for this complimentary series of one-of-a-kind, live online events. Hear from industry leaders and Siemens experts as they describe the new normal in smart infrastructure and explain the technologies and innovations leading the way.

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Smart Infrastructure Summit & Expo - Smart Fire & Life Safety
Smart Fire & Life Safety

October 1st
Focus on why protection matters to lives, property and business continuity. Learn how fire safety is going digital, what NFPA codes to watch, and why “smarter” means “safer.”

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Smart Infrastructure Summit & Expo - Smart Buildings and IoT
Smart Buildings & IoT

November 10-11th

Smart, connected buildings capture data, generate insights, optimize performance and contribute to your organization’s goals and deliver the ideal occupant experience. Learn how technology and the IoT can help meet the vision for your building. 

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Smart Infrastructure Summit & Expo - Smart Security
Smart Security

December 2nd
How can you operate smarter while protecting our people, assets and businesses safe? Today’s challenges can be addressed by smart services to support you today and into the future.

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Creating environments that care

How can smart buildings support the “new normal”?

In the face of the global Covid-19 pandemic, smart buildings around the world are reopening for business, learning, and more. What can technology do to help you return with confidence? How will you be enable social distancing, reduce the spread of airborne and surface contaminants, manage energy performance, sustain healthy and safe environment, etc.? We want to support you as you face these unprecedented challenges.

How smart buildings help you win the fight against the coronavirus

Building technology can support organizations in taking measures to protect employees, customers and partners. Our strategies can help you create healthy environments and come back with confidence.

Come back with confidence

No matter your type of facility, we can help you come back with confidence. We’re harnessing our capabilities, expertise, and global network of partners to outfit and supply organizations and their facilities. Select your market to learn how we can help you reduce risk and protect occupants.
Learn how Siemens can help you come back with confidence.

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Tomorrow is closer than you think

Tomorrow is closer than you think. The era of the smart building is here.

With the onset of connected devices, buildings are generating more data than ever, leaving building owners and operators at a crossroads. Leaders realize they can keep up with the times and their competition by adopting digital strategies and technologies that leverage that data to increase the productivity, performance, savings, and adaptability of their buildings. Or they can risk being left behind. Failing to invest in smart building technologies comes with a cost.


It’s a choice between a building that is a drag on the organization and one that further enables its mission.

Video: The Building of Tomorrow

Video: A Day in the Life

Smart buildings
Smart buildings

White paper: Striving for the perfect place

How can you turn buildings – inanimate, silent and passive structures – into living environments that can interact with their occupants, learn from them, and ultimately adapt to their changing needs? Explore the world of smart buildings and learn what a perfect place of the future will look like. 

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Buildings of Tomorrow Podcasts

What is Data Analytics?

Tyson Soutter gives us valuable insights into what data analytics really is for the buildings industry and how it can be used to make better decisions.

Absorbing the Data Explosion

There is an explosion of data in the building industry. Tyson Soutter explains the reasons behind the huge increase, and the risks the building industry is facing.

Getting Started

Getting Started

To start down the journey of a smart building it’s important to implement ongoing maintenance programs that translate data into actionable information through centralized analytics and reporting. This is accomplished by implementing an intelligent infrastructure that can be adaptable based on future needs. This infrastructure drives productivity, enables a new approach to system maintenance, allows you to manage long-term operating costs, and positions your building to leverage fast changing technology.


We recommend a four-step process that incorporates best practices in planning, implementation, and utilization.


Leverage data intelligently to run your buildings. To do that, you need the right intelligent infrastructure today.

Creating a Smart Building

Expect more from your smart building

Siemens has a complete portfolio of smart building technologies, applications and services to help our customers achieve their goals.  It starts with harnessing the right data from the building, its occupants and their surroundings. The foundation of Siemens smart building is an Intelligent Infrastructure, which enables the building to collect and analyze data.  Leveraging this Intelligent Infrastructure, Digital Services and Applications can be implemented to turn this data into actionable insights and address your specific business challenges - from energy conservation to space and asset optimization.


With seamlessly integrated solutions, an IoT network and advanced data analytics, Siemens delivers a smart building that is:

  • Comfortable and safe
  • Energy and asset efficient
  • Space and user efficient
  • Energy intelligent and resilient

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We help create perfect places

When the right data, is properly applied, we help create perfect places

Siemens has the right people with the right broad expertise to help you collect the right data and properly apply it. We know each existing building is unique, so our local branches offer local experts who personally get to know you and your buildings. This personalized touch helps to form a strong and lasting partnership centered on improving your building’s operating capabilities.
Vertical Markets

Vertical Markets

Step Forward with Siemens

Step Forward with Siemens

Whether you are planning to take a small step into the future, or planning to start transforming your operations, you will want to take the next step with Siemens.    You can trust Siemens to bring together the right people, processes, and technology to help transform your facilities into high-functioning, smart buildings that contribute to your bottom line. Siemens is first and foremost a partner with the right mix of experience and the latest digital technologies to keep building owners moving forward on the right path to achieving their digital goals. With more than a century of managing building performance, we know how to create perfect places for organizations of all types. This is our mission and our strength.