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We harness the power of data and technology to enable you to accelerate your digital transformation and deliver user-centric, adaptable and sustainable buildings and infrastructure.

Active contributor to the experience and success of its stakeholders.

Buildings are at the heart of our lives, we spend up to 90% of our lives in them. Retiring workforce, reactive approach to maintenance, energy resilience go hand in hand with increasing demand for digitalization, decarbonization and decentralization, requiring more user-centric, adaptable and sustainable buildings and infrastructures. Navigating this context can feel overwhelming and no single organization is equipped to tackle today’s challenges alone. By providing adaptable and human-centric technologies we create smart buildings that challenge the everyday expectations and reality of what buildings deliver. As a result, we actively contribute to the experience and success of their stakeholders and shape the environments within and around them. Making digital transformation easy, fast.



Turn market challenges into your competitive advantage

We harness the power of data and technology – taking an holistic approach to connect the physical and digital worlds. Together with our customers and partners, we create an ecosystem where smart buildings actively contribute to wellbeing, efficiency, resiliency and safety. Smart buildings use the data they generate to interact, learn and adapt to changing needs and conditions. 


By connecting buildings within an entire portfolio, organizations use data and analytics that can transform operations and optimize every aspect of the environment. Being connected to the world around them, smart buildings use resources more efficiently. They also support eMobility, they link neighborhoods, cities and beyond. 


Learn what this means for the business you work in:

Smart buildings are designed to adapt to ever changing needs by interacting with the people, systems and external elements around them. They learn from past experiences and real-time inputs and adapt to the needs of the people and the businesses within them by increasing comfort, efficiency, resiliency and safety, ensuring sustainable future. A the same time accelerating technological transition will require private investment, including a diverse range of financing models behind the innovative technologies. From intelligent building systems to energy efficiency technology, we can help you harness sustainable capital for growth and innovation while acquiring future proof technological benefits.


How technology can help get buildings ready for a new normal after the pandemic


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For the people who use them, smart buildings help to create the perfect places to fulfill their purpose. Smart buildings are intuitive and become active contributors that build on the physical safety and the comfort of the occupants – to fulfil further needs such as social

interaction, individual adaptions and workplace experience. Through individual control and intuitive technology, supported by constantly learning systems, they give people greater control over their environments.


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Buildings are responsible for 40% of global energy consumption. By accelerating digital transformation, we can interpret accurate building data and introduce digital solutions to make them more energy efficient, resource efficient and sustainaable.  Equally, having responsive and resilient energy grid infrastructures ensures energy demand and supply is controlled intelligently to improve performance and efficiency and increase cost savings. Accelerating change and digital transformation across our buildings and the power grids that supply them, we increase efficiency, resilience, flexibility and growth.


White paper - The grid interactive building

Smart buildings connect to the energy grid infrastructures at the grid edge - where the energy demand and supply is controlled intelligently and efficiently to create more stable and reliable environments. Through careful control of the resources and energy used, they create efficiencies, improved performance and cost savings. Smart buildings connect people and communities to the opportunities at the grid edge. A smart building is resilient and responds to threats intuitively and intelligently: Smart buildings ensure high reliability and safety of the facility and its occupants and equipment.


White paper - The grid interactive building

Tomorrow is closer than you think

Tomorrow is closer than you think. The era of the smart building is here.

With the onset of connected devices, buildings are generating more data than ever, leaving building owners and operators at a crossroads. Leaders realize they can keep up with the times and their competition by adopting digital strategies and technologies that leverage that data to increase the productivity, performance, savings, and adaptability of their buildings. Or they can risk being left behind. Failing to invest in smart building technologies comes with a cost.


It’s a choice between a building that is a drag on the organization and one that further enables its mission.

Video: The Building of Tomorrow

Video: A Day in the Life

Smart buildings
Smart buildings

White paper: Striving for the perfect place

How can you turn buildings – inanimate, silent and passive structures – into living environments that can interact with their occupants, learn from them, and ultimately adapt to their changing needs? Explore the world of smart buildings and learn what a perfect place of the future will look like. 

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EV charging at your smart office

Deploying smart charging technology at your facility can not only help reduce your carbon footprint and reduce energy consumption, but it also demonstrates to employees and guests your leadership in adopting technology that meets their needs of today and tomorrow. Siemens is helping customers easily deploy, manage, and reduce their overall cost of ownership of charging systems while helping reduce energy consumption and meet the increasing EV demands.


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Buildings of Tomorrow Podcasts

What is Data Analytics?

Tyson Soutter gives us valuable insights into what data analytics really is for the buildings industry and how it can be used to make better decisions.

Absorbing the Data Explosion

There is an explosion of data in the building industry. Tyson Soutter explains the reasons behind the huge increase, and the risks the building industry is facing.

Getting Started

Getting Started

To start down the journey of a smart building it’s important to implement ongoing maintenance programs that translate data into actionable information through centralized analytics and reporting. This is accomplished by implementing an intelligent infrastructure that can be adaptable based on future needs. This infrastructure drives productivity, enables a new approach to system maintenance, allows you to manage long-term operating costs, and positions your building to leverage fast changing technology.


We recommend a four-step process that incorporates best practices in planning, implementation, and utilization.


Leverage data intelligently to run your buildings. To do that, you need the right intelligent infrastructure today.

Creating a Smart Building

Expect more from your smart building

Siemens has a complete portfolio of smart building technologies, applications and services to help our customers achieve their goals.  It starts with harnessing the right data from the building, its occupants and their surroundings. The foundation of Siemens smart building is an Intelligent Infrastructure, which enables the building to collect and analyze data.  Leveraging this Intelligent Infrastructure, Digital Services and Applications can be implemented to turn this data into actionable insights and address your specific business challenges - from energy conservation to space and asset optimization.


With seamlessly integrated solutions, an IoT network and advanced data analytics, Siemens delivers a smart building that is:

▫ Comfortable & safe   ▫ Energy & asset efficient   ▫ Space & user efficient   ▫ Energy intelligent & resilient

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Fire & Life Safety and Security

Smart buildings are safe and secure buildings

Smart building technologies can help make organizations more safe and secure than ever before. Leverage our Fire & Life Safety and Security solutions to protect your people, property, and business continuity.
We help create perfect places

When the right data, is properly applied, we help create perfect places

Siemens has the right people with the right broad expertise to help you collect the right data and properly apply it. We know each existing building is unique, so our local branches offer local experts who personally get to know you and your buildings. This personalized touch helps to form a strong and lasting partnership centered on improving your building’s operating capabilities.

Make any building a smart building

No matter your type of facility, we can help you on your smart building journey. Select your market to learn how you building can become more user-centric, adaptable and sustainable.
Learn how Siemens can help you come back with confidence.

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Vertical Markets

Vertical Markets

Step Forward with Siemens

Step Forward with Siemens

Whether you are planning to take a small step into the future, or planning to start transforming your operations, you will want to take the next step with Siemens.    You can trust Siemens to bring together the right people, processes, and technology to help transform your facilities into high-functioning, smart buildings that contribute to your bottom line. Siemens is first and foremost a partner with the right mix of experience and the latest digital technologies to keep building owners moving forward on the right path to achieving their digital goals. With more than a century of managing building performance, we know how to create perfect places for organizations of all types. This is our mission and our strength.