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Maintaining your competitive advantage through digitalization and smart buildings.
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Maintaining your building’s operations has never been more challenging or more critical

But improved operations, enhanced productivity, reduced operating costs, and greater adaptability…they’re all possible when you have the right partner.

Today’s top-performing facilities are taking a different approach. They’re using an intelligent maintenance program that leverages the power of digital technology, helping make better-informed decisions. They’re moving from a reactive approach to maintenance toward one that includes predictive maintenance.


Learn how today’s top-performing facilities transform smart building data into insights


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Holistic building services

Optimize HVAC operations with a holistic service strategy.

Our holistic service program integrates the maintenance and monitoring of your HVAC equipment, building management system, and the interconnecting network to deliver better performance and greater value. Transform your HVAC maintenance from a series of problems to part of an overall strategy that contributes to the immediate and long-term success of your business and its organizational goals.

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Digital Services ROI Calculator

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How much can you save by implementing an intelligent maintenance program with digital services?

Showing the return on investment (ROI) has traditionally been a challenge to define when deciding if to invest in digital services at your facility.


No longer do you need to wonder how much you could potentially save or how these services could help your team be more productive. 


Access the calculator to see the overall potential dollar savings you could achieve and how much you can potentially gain in key optimization areas such as energy and utility, uptime, workforce, digital management and comfort and space compliance when you implement Siemens Digital Services.


Watch the Digital Services ROI Calculator video


Siemens comprehensive digital services portfolio makes it possible

With a comprehensive portfolio of digital services—including cloud-based technology, highly-trained building engineers and service technicians, and proven processes, Siemens helps your building reach new levels of performance.
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Digital Services Transform Building Data into Actionable Insights

Aberdeen Research, in partnership with Siemens, developed this exciting and timely look into how the Best-in-Class organizations are strategically implementing digital services today and the facility management performance boost they achieve by doing so.

Download the “Digital Services Transform Building Data into Actionable Insights” whitepaper to learn more.