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Analytic Services from Siemens    

Making your building smarter.

Harness the power of data

More building owners are turning to Analytic Services from Siemens to bring together a comprehensive team of building experts, the latest analytical tools, and end-to-end service delivery. These cloud-based services are designed to make buildings smarter and to identify and solve potential problems before they affect the entire organization.


Our services leverage people, process and technology with innovative platforms and building automation systems and a state-of-the-art Digital Service Center.

Analytic Services from Siemens

What do you get with Analytic Services from Siemens?

Whether you're managing a single site, a diverse portfolio of buildings or an entire enterprise, you need a strategy that turns BIG DATA into actionable insights so you can:

  • Maximize Energy Management & Sustainability: Leverage data to identify problems and facility improvement measures (FIMS)
  • Optimize Operations & Productivity: Use insights to predict maintenance needs and system optimization opportunities
  • Manage System Operation & Compliance: Generate documentation, with real-time data, to ensure system compliance
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Optimizing your environment with performance data

Identify Facility Improvement Measures and implement them remotely to maintain an efficient and continuously optimized environment
CloudOps Automation

Achieving precise building automation system control

Take a systematic approach to test, verify, optimize and maintain system performance through data-driven analytics and onsite scheduled O&M.
CloudOps Mechanical

Driving mechanical operational efficiency

Supplement traditional, planned maintenance with analytics and rules-based information to address problems in your facilities as they occur.

Proven Outcomes

It starts with our Proven Outomes model for service delivery.

You have goals. We can help you meet them. By leveraging our Proven Outcomes approach, your business objectives become the cornerstone of a tailored service program.

  • Service programs tailored to meet your specific goals and deliver outcomes
  • Key performance indicators define desired results and measure program success
  • Programs can support basic system management or take performance to a more advanced level with digital services and analytics
  • Leverages the full range of Siemens resources to meet your business goals
Smart Building
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Digital Services Transform Building Data into Actionable Insights

Aberdeen Research, in partnership with Siemens, developed this exciting and timely look into how the Best-in-Class organizations are strategically implementing digital services today and the facility management performance boost they achieve by doing so.

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