Siemens Connect Ecosystem Program

Connect people, buildings, and applications in new and innovative ways

The Siemens Connect Ecosystem brings together innovative businesses and solutions developers

Take advantage of new applications, innovations, and integrations for your building management system.

The world has become more connected and digitalized than ever, and technology is evolving faster than ever before. Today, nearly 20 billion smart building devices are active—devices that enable us to ultimately deliver on the promises of the truly smart building.


It’s more critical than ever that organizations are well-positioned to adapt to this more digital world, and central to that adaptability is a well-established software ecosystem, a network of innovative businesses and solution developers that function as a community. In fact, more than 80% of enterprises with advanced digitial transformation strategies are creating ecosystem platforms.

Faster, smarter decision making with the Siemens Connect Ecosystem

With the Siemens Connect Ecosystem, you gain access to a network of innovative businesses and solution developers that are working together to successfully create integrated solutions and software extensions that work seamlessly with Siemens platforms. Our ecosystem brings together experts in software development, IT, cybersecurity, remote and digital services, and business intelligence.


By continually developing and introducing new solutions and integrations, the Siemens Connect Ecosystem enables faster, smarter decision making; additional value in buildings through innovative operational efficiencies and new ways to engage with your building; greater utilization of your building systems; and, most importantly, the ideal occupant experience in your building.


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Expect more from your smart building

The Siemens Connect Ecosystem is an important part of our portfolio of smart building solutions.  A smart building from Siemens leverages data to create adaptable, people-centric environments that increase competitiveness, drive productivity, and support long-term growth. We bring the right people, processes and technology so you can achieve world-class operations and a superior occupant experience today and into the future.

Calling Developers: Join the Siemens Connect Ecosystem

Bring your innovation to the next level by joining the Siemens Connect Ecosystem. We’re continually developing new solutions and helping customers collect and convert data into real-time knowledge for faster, smarter decision making. If you share the same goals, we’d like to connect with you.

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Leverage all of the applications and use cases we’ve developed with strategic partners to deliver solutions across various vertical markets. Take advantage of the recognition and reputation of Siemens' global footprint and resources, including technical support and testing environments, integration validation, training resources, and collaboration with like-minded innovators.