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IoT Solutions that Transform Businesses

Digital business leaders are implementing IoT solutions to not only improve the operational efficiency of buildings but also to improve occupant well-being, increase staff productivity and optimize space and asset utilization

Data driven insights transform your building into a dynamic asset

Opportunities to focus on occupant experience and improve staff and real estate productivity create significantly more value than a singular focus on operational efficiency.  People expect technology to improve their experiences within your building, and they make decisions about where they work, spend their money, and devote their time accordingly.  A focus on occupant experience and engagement creates a competitive advantage, improves employee retention rates and drives revenue growth.  

Enhancing the occupant experience

Walk the halls of any building and it’s easy to see, we’re all juggling a lot. Thankfully, as the pace of life speeds up, the office has gotten smarter with building technologies from Siemens. Comfort. Safety. Security. Efficiency. At the end of the day, everyone benefits when a building is smart.


Key components of IoT

By implementing the right building technology, organizations can leverage data to make informed decisions and drive business outcomes. Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure plays a key role, laying the foundation for your smart building.
Enhancing building performance through the power of data.
Siemens Smart Building

Enhancing building performance through the power of data.

Siemens has a complete portfolio of smart building technologies, applications and services to help our customers achieve their goals.  It starts with harnessing the right data from the building, its occupants and their surroundings. The foundation of Siemens smart building is an Intelligent Infrastructure, which enables the building to collect and analyze data.  Leveraging this Intelligent Infrastructure, Digital Services and Applications can be implemented to turn this data into actionable insights and address your specific business challenges - from energy conservation to space and asset optimization.


With the seamlessly integrated solutions, an IoT network and advanced data analytics, Siemens delivers a smart building that is:

  • Comfortable and safe
  • Energy and asset efficient
  • Space and user efficient
  • Energy intelligent and resilient
The era of the smart building is here.

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Enlighted IoT Platform

It starts with Intelligent IoT End-Points

Enlighted’s IoT platform is built around an advanced smart sensor which has several built-in functions including: motion sensing, light level sensing and control, power level monitoring, temperature sensing, and local Bluetooth connectivity.  With our breakthrough sensor technology, the Enlighted IoT platform lays the foundation for a smart building.  


Smart sensors are in each light fixture and capture occupancy, ambient light, temperature and energy consumption data.  These IoT sensors digitize the building by gathering a rich and continuous stream of data that provides powerful insights into building operations and enables digital applications that deliver significant value to your organization.  This data can be used to increase energy efficiency, optimize space and asset utilization, increase safety and security and enhance the building occupant experience. The end result is reduced operating costs, increased staff productivity and increased revenues. 


Key Components of the Enlighted Solution include:

Actionable Insights

Applications to turn this data into actionable insights include:

Enlighted sensors are installed in and powered by each lighting fixture in a building, creating a dense sensor network with advanced motion tracking and occupancy detection capabilities. The data collected can be used to gain valuable insights on building operations and drive the right business decisions. Applications to turn this data into actionable insights include:
Comfy Solution

Comfy Workplace Experience Solution

Comfy is the only workplace experience solution to creating amazing experiences AND deliver operational results. Comfy engages occupants and provides them with the experience they expect and delivers the results workplace teams need.  The user experience app gives occupants individual control over their environment, improving the occupant experience, driving productivity and increasing employee retention.  


In addition, Comfy Insights combines data from the app as well as existing building and digital system, enabling a better understanding of overall building performance and how employees utilize different spaces. With our expertise, we help customers gain access to richer data from the employees’ experience and existing systems—empowering them to make better business decisions.


IoT Solutions

Seamlessly connecting occupants directly to the building

By connecting to existing workplace systems, the Comfy app provides occupants personalized control over their building environment. Our Comfy solution seamlessly connects occupants directly to the building through a single, intuitive app, empowering them to control aspects of their building environment including temperature, lighting, meeting rooms, and more. Applications include:

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Siemens offers a comprehensive portfolio of IoT solutions to meet all your needs, including energy management, space utilization, safe and secure environments, location-based services and personalized workplace experience. Implementing the right infrastructure and smart building solutions can reduce capital and operating costs, increase staff productivity and retention and enhance occupant experience and drive revenue growth

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