Harness the power of the Desigo CC Ecosystem

By: Lonnie Spears, Product Manager, Desigo CC Software and Ecosystem, Siemens Smart Infrastructure USA

What is the Desigo CC Ecosystem?

By definition, an ecosystem is a group of interconnected elements that forms by interactions. Not only does this describe an ecosystem in nature, but it’s a perfect analogy to describe software ecosystems too. A system where the interconnections are beneficial to all parties is exciting and productive.


Desigo CC building management software has created such an ecosystem, becoming more than just a command-and-control and building environmental data program. It’s a platform that creates a whole world of insight and management for your facility through collaborations and connections with multiple partners.


The crux of the ecosystem is that collaborators – also called complementors – connect their application/solution to Desigo CC. This creates a world of symbiotic data-sharing where the host platform and third-party application share data to enable smart building functionality. In some scenarios, Desigo CC pulls data from an application while other times the application pulls data from Desigo CC. This bidirectional capability is what lets each program act on the information that is available to it, further expanding the capabilities of the application or host platform beyond what is possible when operating alone.


Each ecosystem program can take disparate data and convert it into useful information, allowing it to change and adjust the systems of the building to optimize power, comfort, safety, and more. Desigo CC is the brains of the system, so the more information it receives, the more possibilities there are to execute smart actions.


Likewise, building data can flow from Desigo CC to other applications. A case for this would be an analytics or maintenance-management platform using building data to provide valuable information and insight into what’s working, what’s not working, and what’s about to break.


The more applications and extensions there are that provide data to Desigo CC, the more powerful the platform becomes. An analogy can be drawn to a mobile phone platform. Its power isn’t just in making calls but rather the interconnected applications that allow users to operate their whole lives. Together the Desigo CC Ecosystem lets users run their entire complex from one interface.


An open platform for collaboration

The key to being able to connect to a vast array of applications is Desigo CC’s platform openness. Being part of an open system means the host isn’t limited only to their own thoughts and ideas. It is connecting to programs from all areas, even if it means connecting to competitive applications.


Today’s customers want simplicity. They always need information available to them to make informed business decisions, and they don’t want this information impeded by systems that refuse to communicate with each other. Open platforms allow communication and flexibility by allowing developers to tie in their platforms, applications, and languages.


Speaking technically, Desigo CC affords collaborators and complementors the protocols and instructions on how to enter the ecosystem. The goal is to make everyone faster, more innovative, and more competitive. 

The power of community

The power of an ecosystem is that all members enjoy the mutual benefits of the symbiotic environment. The setting lets organizations develop or utilize software created by others, which reduces development costs for everyone and allows better access to data. Applications turn from isolated standalone features to part of a holistic, powerful platform.


Participants, both host system organizations and complementors advocate for the highest number of participants in an ecosystem as possible. The more integrations the community has, the more attractive it becomes. Users get more tools to take advantage of, and they all communicate with each other seamlessly.


Being part of a large ecosystem is helpful especially to a complementor organization that might not normally have been considered if it were a disconnected solution. The expanded reach of the ecosystem gives complementors exposure and creates new opportunities to add revenue streams to grow their business. Like the phone analogy, it could be the greatest app ever, but if it’s not in the app repository, then it’s hard to get traction and get going.

Examples of the Desigo CC Ecosystem

After years of curating the Desigo CC Ecosystem, there are several examples of how connected programs create a holistic solution.


One example is an elevator management system. The application monitors the locations and calls of elevators, which can be important in managing large buildings. When connected to Desigo CC, information from this application can be used for further actions. For instance, in cases of fire or other emergencies, Desigo CC can return the elevators to the ground floor or automatically call for help in case the elevator is stuck.


Another example involves an active-shooter detection system that can detect and distinguish genuine gunfire within a building. If gunshots occur, the connection lets Desigo CC automatically sound alarms, send text and email notifications, and lock or unlock doors.


The final example involves a calendar consolidation program that combines the schedules for events and times when rooms and buildings are occupied. Integrating this information means Desigo CC can adjust the temperature, unlock doors, and turn on lights only when the room is being used. When the event is over according to the schedule, Desigo CC can shut down the space by turning everything off and securing it. This saves money by avoiding unnecessary energy costs and saves on the labor associated with entering the schedule twice: once in the scheduling software and another in the building automation system.


Becoming part of the ecosystem

Like any collaborative group, joining takes a little teamwork to make sure everyone is on the same page. There is training and endless expertise in helping new ecosystem members perform the necessary development on their end to connect to this powerful structure. If you have a building application, it’s time to join the Desigo CC Ecosystem.