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How Partnerships Are Vital in Creating Smart Buildings

By: Tom Rule, Segment Head, Digital Buildings, Siemens Smart Infrastructure USA

One challenge of creating or upgrading a smart building is figuring out where to begin or how to proceed. What are the steps? How much will this cost? How long will it take? What happens next? These questions, if not answered, could hang up progress of a smart-infrastructure project. To help address these concerns, it’s great to have friends – partners, really. Business partners who are experts in their fields and can succeed at projects.


Like many of us in our personal lives, the issue with not knowing the first step is that we often don’t know all or any of the steps. Partners help organizations understand what exact steps are needed to accomplish their goals. Speaking at a high level is ok to broach the subject of smart infrastructure, digitalization, optimization, sustainability, and so many other subjects, but to get down to it, organizations need to know the exact steps to make their digitalization goals happen. Siemens is dedicated to leading digitalization and transforming smart buildings, and we work with partners – excellent partners – who help make digital transformations a reality.  One such partner is Dell Technologies OEM Solutions.


Recently, Siemens implemented a key project in Pennsylvania for a major US national bank that leveraged our Desigo CC building management software platform. Desigo CC is a multi-discipline building management system specially designed to control all the major smart systems within a digitized infrastructure. This includes HVAC, lighting, security, access control, fire safety, and electrical power management. For the bank, Siemens designed a system that brought it into the realm of efficient smart buildings. The customer had several systems on several different servers, and the project consolidated these disparate networks into a converged system. 

The new single solution is easier to manage and far more secure. To process all the data that comes in from the connected devices, a system requires a level of computing power that’s right for each job. In this case, Dell Technologies OEM Solution was selected to host Desigo CC and the system database. Dell Technologies brought an expertise and solution portfolio that complimented Siemens’ smart building design. They were able to consult the customer on the networking, hardware, and implementation of the computing infrastructure.


To be able to trust a partner in approaching our customers is invaluable. It allows Siemens to focus on other customer needs and spend time and energy on other areas of the project. When everything was ready, Siemens, Dell Technologies, and other vendors integrated the equipment, devices, and hardware and tested it at the Siemens branch to make sure there were no surprises before implementing at the customer’s site. Any issues that needed to be corrected could be identified in this test environment to minimize or eliminate any disruption to the customer’s operations. This gave them confidence and comfort that all the partners were working together to bring a perfect system to their site.

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