A hospital room with bed and equipment

Creating “pandemic-ready” isolation rooms at the touch of a button 

John Peck, Desigo Automation Product Manager, Siemens Smart Infrastructure USA 

A healthcare system in Maine wanted to prepare 18 patient rooms to be pandemic-ready isolation rooms – and they wanted to do so at the touch of a button. They worked with Siemens Solution Partner XL Automation Solutions to do that, and so much more.


It started with a primary goal: protecting patients and hospital staff in the event of a future pandemic or COVID-19 outbreak. To do so most effectively, they needed the ability to convert to negative pressure rooms quickly, creating isolation spaces to foster patient well-being.


The PXC4, with its unmatched flexibility and ability to expand using input/output modules allowed XL automation to successfully complete the pandemic-isolation space project and meet the needs of the hospital.  Not only were they able to complete their project, but the controller provided them with the ability to make future changes and modifications as the hospital’s needs evolve.


Designed with flexibility and security in mind, Desigo Automation PXC4 controllers are the device of choice for a range of medical facilities and Siemens Solution Partners. Here’s why that was true for XL Automation:

  1. Improved patient care – comfortable, safe environment for patient care with extensive functionalities that expand current infrastructure while leveraging existing equipment.
  2. Single programming tool – ABT Site is a single tool and a shared, central database to program all systems in a project, resulting in faster and easier programming and commissioning processes.
  3. 40% savings on programming time – One engineering platform saves time and streamlines processes, from startup and loading and device selection to application configuration and graphics creation.
  4. 35% lower upfront automation equipment costs – XL Automation was able to reduce upfront automation equipment and labor costs by 35%.
  5. Flexible solutions – 16 onboard inputs/outputs (I/Os) can expand to 40 total I/Os, creating flexibility for a wide range of applications. As needs change, I/Os can be extended without replacing the device.
  6. Operational transparency – Built-in web interface and remote accessibility provide greater transparency and visibility into building performance, which also improves maintenance.

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