Bull Valley Golf Club in the Chicagoland suburbs

A way to save money improving HVAC performance

By: Jeff Hriljac, Director of the Center of Competence, Siemens Smart Infrastructure USA

I had the opportunity to work with one of our solution partners and Bull Valley Golf Club in the Chicagoland suburbs to improve their HVAC system performance.


Bull Valley needed to address deficiencies in their HVAC system and the rooftop units in particular which were getting old and pulling high energy loads. Guests were complaining of uncomfortable room temperatures and the general manager, Brad Hisel, was spending a significant portion of his day walking around the building to monitor room temperatures and adjusting manually.


Bull Valley contacted Rabine Mechanicals contractor, Mark Stranges, seeking help to save money on their power bills, what they didn’t expect was to also learn of a solution that could improve indoor air quality as well. This was of great interest since it was during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. This is when Mark recommended that the club consider the Siemens Climatix Rooftop Unit (RTU) Solution to improve the clubhouse’s aging equipment.


After the Climatix RTU Solution was installed, both Bull Valley and Rabine Mechanical noticed several benefits that couldn’t go unnoticed.


Labor savings

Mark Stranges says it best: “It’s plug and play. You don’t need to be a seasoned technician with tons of controls experience. You just work through the steps on the app, which is fairly intuitive. They’re quick too. We can do each one in about two to three hours. It’s fair to say it’s at least a 50% reduction in labor.”


Remote access for better control

The ability to make adjustments to the RTU from the mobile app made life easy for Brad Hisel. According to Brad, “The controls are in the palm of my hand. When I’m here during the summer busy season, I can focus on making sure our members, guests, and staff are having a good experience. It literally lets me do my job.


Better efficiency

The Climatix RTU solution monitors performance to drive energy efficiency, enhance system lifespan, and improve uptime, therefore, reducing overall operating costs.


Fresh air purge

The air purge function gave members peace of mind and comfort in the clubhouse during the height of the pandemic.


Growth in memberships

Bull Valley grew their membership by 100% in 2020, due in part to the peace of mind afforded by the increased indoor air quality.


This solution was so easy to learn, install and program that Rabine Mechanical realized they could expand reach to other customers nationally that they had been unable to service before. Bull Valley improved their indoor air quality during a crucial time in the COVID-19 pandemic, providing a safer environment for their members. They also saw an increase in system efficiency and energy savings.


Learn more about the Climatix RTU solution and contact us today to see how optimizing RTU performance is essential to prevent smaller issues from becoming larger problems.