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Reduce cost and improve overall security management through a unified security solution

By: Preston Holder, Security Product Manager, Siemens Smart Infrastructure

Integrated security systems were popular after the arrival of Internet Protocol (IP) based surveillance cameras, access control systems, alarms, and related devices. Integration has transformed security management, supplying operators' control, situational awareness, and flexibility to protect assets and locations.

Integration is often not easy, especially when you use security solutions from separate organizations. Although organizations have made advances with alignment on standard technology protocols over the years, ensuring seamless operations is still a challenge when creating and supporting your security operations. Discover how to overcome these challenges with unified security.

What is unified security?

A unified security offering uses a single user interface to access data from connected systems like video surveillance management and access control.
The result is a security solution that makes applications and sensors visible from a single user interface (UI). Unification supplies security personnel a quicker way to aid in the protection of people and assets effectively and efficiently to collect and analyze information from different security solutions.

Single user interface for users

In non-unified systems, a security operator needs to switch between windows to access data from different security solutions. This could lead to the operator missing notable events. With a single interface, unified security eliminates such issues with a centralized view.


Increased speed and accuracy  

For post-event investigations, non-unified systems require security personnel to go back and forth between separate security systems to find the incident. Then, security personnel must align the data by correlating the time stamp in which events occur. If the systems are uncoordinated, the task becomes much more difficult, and chances for errors increase.

Searching for an event or incident is done in one place in unified security. Having the security information centralized in one place speeds up the process because video, access control, communication, and other sensor data are together. The data is marked in time, which makes it easy for security personnel to find and view the information relevant to the investigation.


Reduced training time 

Using unified security decreases the number of solutions that operators need to learn, which offers two advantages. First, operators can accelerate their proficiency in one system. Second, focusing on one system instead of two reduces the costs that customers would otherwise incur in training their employees.


Fewer false alarms

False alarms are a concern that hinders security customers, despite many technical developments. Due to unified solutions that share the same interface and are integrated, the system can accurately filter alarm information. The unified approach helps find the right level of notifications, priorities, and even if the event should be escalated to a specific operator for a response.


The reduced total cost of ownership

A combination of the factors mentioned above should reduce the total cost of ownership for customers along with removing the excess expense of managing multiple, disparate systems. Supplying a single point of contact for support results in issues being resolved faster, without having to spend time trying to find which security vendor needs to act on which security system.


Advancing to better building intelligence insights

Unified security helps to compare trends and patterns across access control and video systems, with common visualization tools that simplify exploration. Presenting this data in understandable report formats moves the data into actionable intelligence that can be shared with key stakeholders.  


Unified security allows operators to access data in one place for security. Even greater unification can happen when data from fire and building automation systems are added to reach a total smart building vantage point.


Rely on Siemens for unified security solutions that enables you to control your security easier and more effectively. We take a comprehensive approach to protect your people and assets and increase organizational efficiency by keeping operations safe and resilient.