Re-opening education white papers

Strategies for implementing technology and infrastructure improvements ─ 2021 and beyond

In these white papers, we explore the ways in which school districts, colleges and universities can leverage a recent influx of funds to support education, including available technologies and strategies and how they can be effectively applied to not only re-open education as safely as possible, but also to prepare for greater resiliency beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

Getting back to in-person learning is on your mind! Contact us for assistance in navigating the best practices, available funding for your institution, and the right technology solutions and strategies to help you resume in-person learning safely.

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Siemens can help you navigate the latest CDC Recommendations for Ventilation and how to leverage Federal funding that’s available now. As an expert in ASHRAE® standards, we can help you create a plan and then, recommend the right technology solutions and strategies for your school, district or campus. Let’s get back to learning!