Reduced maintenance, enhanced operator safety, compact footprint, and  environmentally independent

Gas-insulated, arc-resistant switchgear for Data Centers

Offering compact and reliable switchgear with improved operator safety and reduced maintenance

Medium-voltage switchgear in substations and secondary distribution systems that serve data centers are often based on designs influenced by the conventional electrical distribution topology. But data centers have unique performance requirements and have needs that differ from those of utilities and less critical industrial applications.

Engineers can chose currently from two solutions when designing their medium-voltage system: air-insulated switchgear and gas-insulated switchgear. And although, many may instinctively lean towards air-insulated solutions, which Siemens offers as an arc-resistant switchgear type to the market, Siemens also provides safe, reliable, gasinsulated switchgear technology that can be used in various application fields where the benefits of gas-insulated switchgear outweigh conventional air-insulated switchgear.

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