Ultrasonic vs. Radar Level Measurement

Choosing the best technology for water applications
Ultrasonic vs. Radar Level Measurement

Which technology is best for level monitoring & open channel applications? 

In recent years, the debate over which measurement technology is best suited for level monitoring and open channel monitoring (OCM) has gained traction. Some argue that ultrasonic level technology should remain the standard for level and OCM applications in the water industry. Others counter that newer radar level technology is the better choice because it is more robust and accurate.

So – is it worthwhile to switch to a technology that, for all practical purposes, is still in its infancy when comparing it against the performance record and functionality of ultrasonic technology?

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  • The benefits of – and misconceptions about – ultrasonic level transmitters for the water industry
  • Is microwave guided wave radar the best solution for my application?
  • How taking a “one solution fits all” approach can cost you more in the long run – but making an informed decision can save you money

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