Drive technology as a starting point for digitalization

Use the data from your drive systems to increase transparency and productivity

Drive technology represents an ideal entry into digitalization. Design through engineering and commissioning up to servicing machines becomes simpler and faster based on these powerful engineering tools. Virtual commissioning is possible based on a seamless and unified database – and in conjunction with simulation routines and tests in the digital environment, allows commissioning to be significantly shortened in the real world. Machine data acquired in operation can be captured through Cloud services, evaluated and used to optimize machine operation. Not only this, new data-based service portfolios are possible. This is already reality today: The SINAMICS and SIMOTICS portfolio from Siemens teams up well-proven hardware with innovative software and ensures transparency over the complete drive train.

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From the field into the Cloud

Listen to your drive technology

Digitalize your company to maintain your competitiveness – or even to boost it. This approach demands new plant, system and machine concepts, which in turn, places new demands on plant and machinery construction. Integrating drives and motors in your machine offers wide ranging advantages, and via a Cloud connection facilitates transparency across the complete drive train – starting from the field level down to the control system.

Leverage your drive data and reap the benefits


Digitalization and drive technology

How can innovative applications and solutions be created based on digitalized drive technology?
Drive technology goes digital

Digitalization over the complete lifecycle

We offer the optimum digitalization portfolio for each phase of a machine lifecycle. Seamless integration using engineering tools ensures that data can be seamlessly used from the initial machine concept up to machine services.

Designing and engineering machines

Siemens supports the design of machines – also using NX MCD, SIZER tools as well as a link to EPlan. When engineering your drives, you benefit from our DT Configurator, SIZER and the TIA Selection Tool - and in the future, NX Automation Designer as well as NX Electrical Designer.

Motor dimensioning

You can define the mechanical design of the motor and simulate its motion control in the NX Mechatronics Concept Designer (NX MCD). Using SIZER, the motor and drive are dimensioned, and then made available as 3D data model. You can transfer your parts list and topology to SINAMICS Startdrive in the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal). In this way you avoid data redundancy and multiple data entry and obtain an optimized system that covers the complete Siemens automation product portfolio, including drives.

Control cabinet dimensioning

Siemens provides 3D CAD models, 2D dimension drawings, E-Plan macros and circuit diagrams for E-CAD as well as technical and commercial master product data for the complete drive product portfolio. This is complemented by customized system documentation.

The CAx data provided in this fashion serve as basis for a virtual model in an early value-added phase. The data in the DT Configurator and the individually adapted documentation result in shorter engineering workflows and a significant reduction in the associated time.

Commissioning new machines

Siemens simplifies the commissioning of your new machine with its TIA Portal, SINAMICS Startdrive, SINAMICS web server and the IOP-2 operator panel.

Seamless transition from engineering to operation

With SINAMICS Startdrive in the TIA Portal, you can quickly and intuitively integrate your SINAMICS drive into an automation environment and commission it using one user interface and without any additional interfaces.

Operating the machine

In the operational phase of the machine, Siemens supports you with the TIA Portal SINAMICS Startdrive, the SINAMICS web server and the IOP-2 operator panel.

Linking the drive environment with Totally Integrated Automation

Using SINAMICS Startdrive in the TIA Portal, you can control and parameterize SINAMICS G and SINAMICS S converters.


You have 3 options when linking to MindSphere Cloud:

  • MindConnect Nano is a pre-installed industrial PC for transferring encrypted data via a secure Internet
  • For smaller applications, a smaller format device is available – the MindConnect IoT2040.
  • SINAMICS CONNECT 300 connects up to eight converters – very simply and directly using plug-and-play.

This significantly reduces the costs when directly connecting drives to the Cloud.

This means that you can use Cloud-based applications and services to analyze and visualize data, to optimize assets and services and to develop new business models.

IOP-2 – the transparent and easy to understand user interface

The IOP-2 is an intelligent operator panel with degree of protection IP55 for local operation, monitoring, commissioning, diagnostics and service for SINAMICS converters. The graphic display shows process variables such as pressure and flow in the form of bar diagrams. The portfolio is rounded-off by being able to upload additional functions, languages and wizards – as well as extended support functions.

This results in a high degree of user friendliness and facilitates intuitive operation and navigation. You can access product-specific documentation and information – and contact Customer Support (Industry Online Support App) from mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) at any time.

SmartAccess for wireless commissioning, diagnostics and service

The Smart Access Module is a web server-based operating unit that can be simply plugged in and is used for mobile commissioning, diagnostics and service for SINAMICS V and SINAMICS G converters. It establishes a wireless connection to mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops), and with its web server function, can be quickly set up.

This allows converters to be simply commissioned in series, the most important converter data monitored and converters to be simply maintained.

Optimization options for machines

You can increase the availability and service life of your drive systems with our optimization options such as MindApp Analyze MyDrives and the Digitalization Check as a Service.

Analyze MyDrives MindSphere Application

The Analyze MyDrives application captures and analyzes the operating data of your drives. This allows you to identify real service requirements – as well as to reduce costs and save energy through optimized service intervals. The machine informs operators proactively about pending events – which results in a higher degree of utilization and productivity.

Digitalization Check as a Service for increased transparency, safety and security

We support you through well-founded technical support, with specific recommendations for linking plant, system and machine data to MindSphere. SINAMICS S and SINAMICS G converters are some of the drive systems that are supported.

This ensures reliable, standardized data capture, evaluation without any downtime as well as transparency about the digitalization capability of drive technology. As a consequence, it offers you a well-founded decision-making basis when it comes to ongoing digitalization steps.

MindSphere applications and digital services

IoT digitalization portfolio for drive systems: SIDRIVE IQ

When drives malfunction or fail, the consequences are often expensive. Taking timely and well-considered action to avoid such consequences requires an intelligent and transparent strategy to facilitate targeted, proactive and well-timed maintenance as well as identifying optimization potential. The ideal opportunity, therefore, to maximize the availability, efficiency, performance and serviceability of your drive train. This in turn boosts availability and productivity levels while laying the foundation for a successful company both now and in the future.

SIDRIVE IQ is an important component in our digitalization portfolio, providing opportunities for optimization along the entire drive train, from production execution and operations to services. SIDRIVE IQ offers MindSphere applications and customized services.



SINAMICS CONNECT 300 allows SINAMICS converters to be directly and easily connected to the cloud using plug-and-play. Commissioning is also fast, error-free, and cost-effective, since there is no need to make any changes to the hardware or firmware of the drives or to modify PLC programs. Up to eight drives can be connected simultaneously, allowing users to take advantage of scaling effects. SINAMICS CONNECT 300 is particularly suitable for machine tool operators who want to integrate SINAMICS drives in their existing, heterogeneous machine park.

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Digitalize your drive technology

Digitalization changes everything – also drive technology. However, where do I start, how do I start, and how can most of the competitive advantages be obtained? We support you step-by-step to digitalize your company.

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