AboveNEMA High Speed Motor

Conventional High Speed Motors

Induction motors with up to

1100 rpm.
  • Siemens utilizes standard components in a unique way to operate a motor at speeds above a traditional 3600rpm design in order to optimize the system efficiency and performance.

High Speed Motor

Need more Speed?

The conventional high speed motor solutions offers flexible designs suited to most direct drive applications, simple installation, reliable, reduced maintenance, low operating costs, and environmentally friendly.

Key Features and Benefits

Need more speed? We can help!

  • By offering induction motors up to 6000rpm, the application requirements can be met with less installed equipment.

Tested Reliability

  • Each rotor is balanced on our state of the art high speed balancer to ensure reliability

Simplified Maintenance

  • The elimination of highly specialized components like active magnetic bearings and permanent magnet rotors allows for easier and more familiar servicing

Reduced Footprint

  • This product allows for the elimination of system equipment which will help reduce installation and maintenance costs by helping to keep the project on schedule and on budget

Design Flexibility

  • With the ability to offer this product on multiple frame sizes, including our 500, 580 and 680 frame families, Siemens can partner with you to design the right motor for your application.

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