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SIMOTICS L-1FN3 Linear motors

Siemens 1FN3 linear actuators are built in, permanent-magnet synchronous linear motors for directly driving high dynamic linear applications. These motors are preferred for applications that require highly accurate linear path or speed control and a compact design, as well as applications requiring highest availability values. Due to the elimination of gear units, ball screws, rack & pinion systems, or belt transmissions, there are virtually no moving parts in the drivetrain, resulting in a lower probability of failures. SIMOTICS L-1FN3 motors fulfill the highest requirements placed on dynamics, contour accuracy and precision and are optimized for operating high-performance machine tools and production machines. Water-cooled SIMOTICS L-1FN3 motors are available in two versions: for peak load and continuous load.

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Features & applications

SIMOTICS L-1FN3 – The benchmark for directly driving linear axes

The water-cooled SIMOTICS L-1FN3 was specially developed for use in machine tools and has been the proven standard for linear motion for years. Its modular principle offers you a comprehensive range of practically wear-free and therefore low-maintenance motor variants in seven different widths with up to five different lengths and several types of action.
  • Highest precision linear motion with high dynamic performance
  • Enormous force density in a compact design
  • Highest traversing velocities for all applications
  • Large air gap, therefore extremely rugged against external influences
  • Wide range of options depending on the application profile
  • Wear-free drive components 
  • Low lifecycle costs of machines 

The motors are designed for operation with SINAMICS S120 high performance drives. The water-cooled SIMOTICS L-1FN3 motors are available in two versions – for peak load operation and continuous load operatio

Overview of strengths

SIMOTICS L-1FN3 – the modular industry standard

Quality. Lifecyle. Productivity. Space.
Technical info

Technical introduction to SIMOTICS L-1FN3

General ratings

Peak load
Continuous load
Maximum feed force (Fmax)*
Up to 15,267 lb-ft (20,700 Nm)
Up to 12,988 lb-ft (17,610 Nm)
Speed (Fn)*
Up to 2,743 ft/min (836 m/min)
Up to 1,427 ft/min (435 m/min)
Overload capacity*

Up to 2.75 x Fn

Up to 1.70 x Fn

* Depending on specific motor version and type

LTS and LTSE complete linear motor axes

Siemens has teamed up with Ewellix to develop complete linear packages


The LTS / LTSE complete linear motor axes from Ewellix are units comprising a slide top and a base which are supplied ready for installation and operation. A profile rail guide, the primary and secondary motor parts, a linear encoder including limit switches, limit position dampers and cable trailing device connection are fully integrated into the complete linear axis.


Package details

  • Ready-to-install complete solution for linear movements including linear guide, slide, linear motor, encoder and power chain
  • Linear motors are used together with SINAMICS S120 drives
  • Naturally cooled 1FN3 linear motor with rib cooling, integrated in Siemens SINAMICS drive technology (configuration/commissioning tools)
  • Customer-specific adaptations of the complete solution possible in coordination with SKF Motion Technologies

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Learn about Ewellix LTSE linear package


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Easy configuration and ordering

Configure and order your SIMOTICS L-1FN3

You can easily and quickly configure SIMOTICS L motors with the Siemens Drive Technology configurator and then order it via the Industry Mall ordering system.