Siemens NEMA motors have turned American industries for over 50 years 

SIMOTICS low-voltage nema motors for industry
SIMOTICS low-voltage NEMA motors for industry

SIMOTICS low voltage NEMA motors

SIMOTICS industrial electric motors provide you with optimum solutions for virtually every application. Backed by over 150 years of experience, SIMOTICS NEMA motors are unrivaled when it comes to reliability, ruggedness, compactness, efficiency, and performance. SIMOTICS low-voltage line of motors covers a wide range of products from 0.12 – 6,500 Hp (0.09 kW – 5 MW). Conforming to both IEC and NEMA standards, the motors can be used either direct on line or for drives-based operation in combination with a wide range of SINAMICS drives. 

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SIMOTICS NEMA 3-phase AC motors are built on a solid reputation for rugged and durable motor performance.  From general purpose motors in aluminum and cast-iron frame, to sophisticated motors that meet or exceed IEEE 841, NEMA Premium® and other stringent industry standards, trust Siemens for the right solution - every time:


* Note that some IEC motors with NEMA electrical characteristics are available in the IEC Motors tab

Technical overview
Frame size range
Output range
1 – 800 Hp
Number of poles
2 / 4 / 6 / 8
3-ph AC 208-230/460; 575 V
60 Hz, 50 Hz
Foot-Mount, D flange; C flange, P flange
Housing (TEFC)
Aluminum or cast-iron
Die-cast copper or aluminum

Siemens has a wide range of IEC low-voltage asynchronous industrial motors from 0.09 KW to 5 MW. IEC motors provide a high reliability and efficiency, are suitable for all industries and applications, meet all standard requirements and fulfill international and local regulations. 


* Some IEC frame motors with NEMA electrical characteristics are also selectable in this section.

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