TIA Portal drive integration

SINAMICS Startdrive Commissioning Software

The Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) is the best engineering software for industrial automation. Within the system SINAMICS Startdrive allows for intuitive integration of SINAMICS drives. The same operator control concept, the elimination of interfaces and a high degree of user-friendliness make it possible to not only quickly take advantage of the features of TIA Portal's automation process, but also to commission and start your SINAMICS drives..


Sharing the advantages of TIA Portal

SINAMICS Startdrive carries the user-friendliness of TIA portal – so appreciated by users – to drive technology. Thus the user guidance for the PLC, HMI and drive technology is the same, increasing engineering productivity while reducing the possibility of errors. Based on a common hardware configuration for all components of the application, the common data management of controller and drive in one tool automatically brings consistency. And the common library concept ensures simple reusability of your drive products.

Intuitive drive engineering and perfect interaction with SIMATIC in the Totally Integrated Automation Portal

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Startdrive functions

To easily configure SINAMICS drives, with a lot of advantages

All in one tool, with Safety Integrated acceptance test, openness, automatic diagnostics and traces.
Intuitive converter engineering and perfect interaction with SIMATIC in the Totally Integrated Automation Portal

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bode plot

Higher productivity and performance with Bode plot

Bode plot detects even the smallest irregularities in your machine settings, providing maximum productivity and performance.

See the function in SINAMICS Startdrive V17


DCC (Drive Control Chart): A valuable additional option for Startdrive

DCC allows equipment functions of the drive system to be expanded individually with freely available closed-loop control, arithmetic and logic function blocks.


SINAMICS Drive Control Chart is a technological expansion in SINAMICS S120 / S150 / G130 / G150 drive systems.

  • The user-friendly configuration tool enables simple, graphic configuration of these blocks and integrates them in the drive unit
  • SINAMICS DCC gives users a new dimension for adapting systems to the specific functions of the machine
  • Complex applications such as winders or traversing drives can be implemented, for example 
Supported drives

SINAMICS variable speed drives with Startdrive

Single-axis, distributed, and even complex servo drives can be commissioned with Startdrive.
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SINAMICS Startdrive in practice


SINAMICS Startdrive V17

SINAMICS Startdrive V17 is available in two versions

  • SINAMICS Startdrive Basic V17 includes commissioning and diagnostics for the products listed above
  • SINAMICS Startdrive Advanced V17 contains all SINAMICS Startdrive Basic V17 functions with the added value of the integrated Safety acceptance test for SINAMICS G120, G115D, S120 and S210
  • There is a common download package for SINAMICS Startdrive Basic V17 and SINAMICS Startdrive Advanced V17
  • No additional installation is required for utilization of the SINAMICS Startdrive Advanced functions. Only the license key is required for enabling SINAMICS Startdrive Advanced
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