Why Siemens DC drives carry the best reputation worldwide


SINAMICS DC Master drives

Siemens DC drive technology has helped increase efficiency and reduce engineering costs for decades. Featuring an advanced design that greatly facilitates configuration, installation, integration, commissioning and service, SINAMICS DC drives are perfectly aligned with DC motors, are highly dynamic, and increase overall system reliability. 


The scalable DC drive system for basic to demanding applications

Siemens DC drive solutions allow you to significantly reduce technology costs by delivering peak performance and integrated intelligence for maximum availability - such as the parallel switching interface for redundant operations, flexible expandability, quick and easy component exchange, easy commissioning and parameterization, and integration in a range of automation schemes.


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SINAMICS DC drive technologies

News & announcements

dc drives thanks a million

Congratulations: 1 million DC drives

Siemens celebrates a significant business milestone of 1 Million DC drives sold worldwide over several decades.

To help celebrate, we offer a new brochure – SINAMICS DCM product portfolio for the US market, including links to other updated resources, Siemens Product Configurator site, Solution Partner Finder site and Distributor Locator site.

3-Year extended warranty on SINAMICS DCM drive products – US market only

Since April 18, 2016, the standard 12/18 month warranty on newly purchased SINAMICS DCM drive products (DC Converters, Base Drives and Control Modules) was extended by two years for a total of three years from date of manufacture

CUD kits for SINAMICS DCM DC drive products

Four new CUD kits are now available for SINAMICS DCM DC Drive Products that bundle the available control units and connector boards at a reasonable cost..

Extended base drive range: 1,500 - 2,800 A DC

The SINAMICS DCM base drive range has been extended above the existing 1200 A DC maximum offering by adding 20 new Base Drives (10 2Q and 10 4Q) that range from 1,500 A to 2,800 A DC.

Base drive packages (kits) simplify engineering

SINAMICS DCM base drive packages are available to simplify the engineering process of sizing, selecting and coordinating accessory components required to assemble armature, field and control power circuits when building a DC drive system using a SINAMICS DCM DC converter

Many of the same tools and components so successful in SINAMICS AC technology are now made available for SINAMICS DC drives. This series of drives sets itself apart as a scalable drive system - both for basic as well as demanding and sophisticated applications. For the standard closed-loop control, the DC converter is equipped with a standard control unit for converters (standard CUD). For applications demanding a higher computational performance and interfaces, the system can be expanded by an advanced CUD.


The SINAMICS DC Master series combines the open-loop and closed-loop control and power units in one device and therefore offer a compact, space-saving design. The AOP30 Advanced Operator Panel and the BOP20 Basic Operator Panel are available for commissioning and local operator control. The interfaces of the CUD and the number of digital inputs and outputs can be supplemented using additional modules - such as the TM15 and TM31 Terminal Modules.

  • PROFIBUS, PROFINET, and EtherNet/IP communications options
  • Single-phase connection is possible for units ≤ 125 A
  • Variance of control units
  • Field power supply in-line with requirements in the field
  • 24 V DC electronics power supply
  • Power unit is insulated with respect to ground
  • Free function blocks are integrated in the standard version and Drive Control Chart
  • Functionality can be expanded using SINAMICS components
  • Coated boards and nickel-plated copper busbars (optional)
  • Wide temperature range
basic ratings
2Q and 4Q
Power range
5– 40,000 Hp (6.3 kW - 30 MW)
Rated DC current
15 – 3,000 A (single converter)
Rated supply voltage
3-ph. 85 to 950 V AC
Rated field DC current
3 – 40 A (optional: 85 A)
Rated frequency
45 – 65 Hz
Degree of protection

The SINAMICS DC MASTER Control Module offers the optimum solution when retrofitting and modernizing existing DC drives. Unlike the SINAMICS DC MASTER Drive, which comprises open-loop / closed-loop control and power unit, the Control Module is used solely as a component of modernization. There are many plants and systems with DC technology, which in their present condition can no longer be coupled with state-of-the-art automation systems, like Totally Integrated Automation. In retrofitting or upgrading, the existing motor, mechanical system and power unit may be retained and only the control unit is replaced by the Control Module. This allows for a state-of-the-art DC drive at an extremely favorable price with the full functional scope of the well-proven, fully digitized units from the SINAMICS DC MASTER series.


The flexible design, as well as the available pre-assembled cable harnesses and mounting components, simplify integration into existing plants and systems. Adaptation to the configuration and to the power data of the existing components is realized through simple parameterization. By using an Advanced Operator Panel AOP30, a favorably priced alternative is obtained to control cabinet measuring instruments. Using a compact space-saving design, the SINAMICS DC MASTER Control Module, which includes a field power unit, may be split depth-wise to allow even better utilization of the mounting/installation space.

  • Variance of the Control Units

  • 24 V DC electronics power supply

  • Integrated field power unit

  • Free function blocks integrated into the standard version and Drive Control Chart

  • Functionality may be expanded using SINAMICS components

  • Compact design and can be split depth-wise

  • Coated boards and nickel-plated copper busbars optional

  • Wide temperature range

  • PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP™ connectivity options
    Suitable protective measures (among others IT-Security, e.g. network segmentation) have to be considered to ensure safe operation of the plant

basic ratings
* Supply voltage can lie below the rated supply voltage - the actual rated value can be parameterized. This applies to both the armature as well as the field circuit
Connecting rated supply voltages of the armature circuit, power unit
3 AC 50 / 125 / 250 / 575 / 1000 V
Rated supply voltage for electronics
DC 24 V (DC 18 to 30 V); In = 5 A
Rated field supply voltage * 
2 AC 480 V (+10 / -20 %)
Rated frequency
45 to 65 Hz
Rated DC field voltage
max. 390 V
Rated DC field current
40 A

The main applications for the SINAMICS DC MASTER Control Module include the retrofit and modernization of DC drives in existing plants and systems, especially high-rating drives using DC technology. There are many older systems that still employ analog technology that cannot be easily or affordably connected to a state-of-the-art automation system.

The SINAMICS DC Master (DCM) Base Drive from Siemens is an extremely flexible and cost-effective solution for both new installations and retrofits where space is limited.  This pre-wired solution comes complete and tested with all the necessary components mounted on a back panel. SINAMICS DCM Base Drives are ideal for end-users and third-parties such as Siemens Solution Partners and system integrators.

The DC Base Drive has been around for over 25 years, beginning with the third generation 6RA22 digital DC drives, circa 1986. The SINAMICS DCMBase Drive is unique in that the DC I rating of the Converter is used for each panel design. Advantages with SINAMICS over the previous two generations include more power per panel in the same footprint making it easy to retrofit existing legacy base drive installations. In addition, in new installations where 150% overload is not needed (i.e. MG Set Field supplies), the SINAMICS DCM Base Drive offers a significant cost advantage.

  • The Standard base drive range includes base drives that are rated from 15 A to 1200 A DC continuous current

  • The Extended base drive range includes base drives that are rated from 1500 A to 2800 A DC continuous current

Basic ratings
15 – 1,200 A DC
1,500 – 2,800 A DC
Supply voltages and output ranges
240V / 480V 3-phase AC, +10/-20% : 3 to 800 Hp
< 125A base drives can be run at single-phase AC with 30% de-rate
575V 3-phase AC: +10/-20% : 1,250 to 2,250 Hp
690V 3-phase AC: +10/-20% : 1,250 to 2,500 Hp
830V 3-phase AC: +10/-20% : 1,750 to 2000 Hp
950V 3-phase AC: +15/-20% : 2,500 Hp
Supply systems
Grounded or ungrounded
Grounded or ungrounded
Rated line frequency
45 – 65 Hz
45 – 65 Hz
Output voltage
0 – 500V DC
575V 3-phase AC: 0 – 600V DC
690V 3-phase AC: 0 – 725V DC
830V 3-phase AC: 0 – 875V DC
950V 3-phase AC: 0 – 1000V DC
Overload possibility
Max. 1.8x rated DC current
Max. 1.8x rated DC current
Short circuit current rating
SCCR per UL508A: 65 kA
SCCR per UL508A: 65 kA
Type of enclosure and color
Type of cooling
Self–ventilated / forced-air ventilation
Forced-air ventilation
Noise level LpA (1 m)
70 – 74.4 dB(A) at 60 Hz line frequency
75.6 dB(A) at 60 Hz line frequency
UL listing
UL and cUL (508A), drive components are listed UL508C
UL and cUL (508A), drive components are listed UL508C
Ambient temperature
32 to 113˚F (0 to +45˚C)
32 to 104˚F (0 to +40˚C)
Relative humidity (non-condensing)
5 – 95%
5 – 95%
Installation altitude
Up to 3,300 ft (1,000 m) above sea level without de-rating
Up to 3,300 ft (1,000 m) above sea level without de-rating
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Configure and order SINAMICS DCM

Using the Siemens Drive Configurator, you can simply and quickly configure your SINAMICS DCM drive system and then order it through Industry Mall.

To configure US NEMA base drives and base drive packages (auxiliary component kits), select the NEMA link below, choose Converters >> Low voltage converter - NEMA >> SINAMICS NEMA DCM


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