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SINAMICS low voltage AC drive systems

When you turn to the SINAMICS family of low voltage AC drives, you experience the world's broadest spectrum of general performance, high performance, component, distributed, and enclosed solutions for addressing any industrial motion application. Universally accepted, Siemens' present AC drive product line accounts for the largest and broadest installed base the world over. Couple that with an unmatched level of expertise and service, and what you get is success and peace of mind - present and future.  

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sinamics standard performance low voltage drives

Standard performance drives

Drives for basic to mid-level requirements

Pumps, fans, compressors, conveyors, mixers, mills or extruders: No matter your application, SINAMICS standard performance drives are perfectly adapted for basic to mid-level control dynamics requirements. Based on the same platform as all other members of SINAMICS' innovative drives family, you benefit from a standardized and user-friendly operating concept without requiring additional engineering tools.

sinamics high performance low voltage drives

High performance drives

One drive range, extremely versatile application options

Whether for single-axis drives used for positioning tasks, for flexible and modular drive systems for demanding single- or multi-axis applications, motion control or machine tool solutions, the SINAMICS S range from Siemens always offers the right solution.

sinamics servo low voltage drives

Servo drives

Drives for complex motion applications

Sinamics servo drives have been designed for applications where motion control functions must be quickly and precisely controlled.  From simple position moves to high speed coordinated multi-axis systems including kinematics the Sinamics servo products offer the exact fit across the largest product spectrum.   

sinamics distributed low voltage drives

AC distributed drive solutions

Distributed / decentralized LV AC drives

Ideally suited for on-machine applications where communications capability is required, Siemens distributed drives are often found in the automotive sector, conveyor systems, distribution logistics and airports. Providing full functionality these units can save significant wiring and engineering costs.

siemens enclosed low voltage drives

Enclosed AC drive systems

Find the right ingredients in your cabinet

From a wall-mounted unit for a pump or fan to a 1,250 Hp mining conveyor drive that regenerates power back to the grid, Siemens offers standard and custom-engineered enclosed drive systems to exceed your expectations.

Need help narrowing down?

Siemens has always offered the most options – which is best for arriving at the optimum solution for your requirements. But it isn't always easy to be sure you are selecting the right product. This section guides you to the right drive by comparing which products operate within which ratings, offer which functions and features, are most often used for which applications and more. 

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ac drives - firmware

SINAMICS firmware functions -The right function for every application

Today, the main functionality of our SINAMICS drives is implemented in software. This "embedded" software is also known as firmware, and is functionally firmly assigned to a specific hardware (hence the name firmware).


In the case of SINAMICS drives, the firmware is subdivided into the operating system (OS) with drivers for the hardware, and the converter functions, which are also referred to as the runtime (RT) functions.


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ac drives webinar

Learn about a big advantage that comes with SINAMICS

Overcurrent Protection (OCP), short-circuit current rating (SCCR) & a new UL Standard for VFDs,
UL 61800-5-1: What you Need to Know


Join us for this webinar where we explain different types of overcurrent protective devices (OCPD), their behavior in circuit protection, and differences among them. This presentation highlights the requirements of motor branch circuit protection according to different standards as well as according to NEC/NFPA 70 for industrial control panels & variable frequency drives. The presentation also provides practical understanding of short-circuit current rating (SCCR) as well as OCPD sizing to obtain a desired SCCR for overall equipment or industrial control panel in compliance with UL/NEC/IEC.


As a bonus, a new UL standard, UL 61800-5-1 for VFDs will be discussed along with its impact to the industry & benefits to the users/OEMs/Panel builders. In addition, the strong benefits of using SINAMICS drives will be demonstrated from the product safety point of view which will help users/equipment owners reduce total cost of ownership through potential savings due to improved product safety and enhanced OSHA compliance.

Video series

UL 61800-5-1: A new UL standard for drives and what you need to know

The withdrawal of UL508C has impacted the drives manufacturing industry, as well as drives users. This short four-part video series provides an expert's perspective on what you need to know if you are an end user of a drive, a panel builder, MCC manufacturer, or OEM.

By the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • Understand the differences between the drives certified according to the obsolete and withdrawn UL 508C and a new UL 61800-5-1, as well as benefits of using the latter
  • Learn about the impact to the industry as a result of the UL 508C withdrawal and what you need to know if you are a drive user or an equipment builder
  • Discover how you can determine the compliance of a drive with UL 61800-5-1
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