drive innovation days

Drive Innovation Days

Moving manufacturing forward with engineered drives – an online event - now on-demand

More than 5 million reasons...

Siemens is celebrating its 5 millionth installed SINAMICS S120 high performance drive with an online event highlighting the wide range of challenging applications that have led the way in AC drive system technology. Characterized by its high level of flexibility and functionality which has become a favorite of engineers looking to innovate new solutions, SINAMICS S120 has set new levels of accomplishment especially where performance, safety, connectivity, and efficiency are paramount. In this event learn how engineers used these innovative features of the SINAMICS S120 to not only solve the core requirements of motion control but to innovate solutions that made a difference in customer success.

3 days, 9 sessions, priceless learning

It was a great opportunity to learn how SINAMICS high-performance drive systems continue to define the future of industrial motion control.  Industry experts from Siemens and our partners showcased some of the solutions utilized to help end-users increase drive efficiencies, reduce downtime, and drive automation to new levels of productivity.  


Some of the key take-aways from this event:

  • Best practices for drive-based Safety Integrated
  • Multi-axis designs for handling regenerative energy
  • Remote diagnostic concepts for increased productivity
  • Utilizing the SINAMICS S120 modular concepts for retrofits
  • Expanding the flexibility for Industrial Ethernet connectivity

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Learn more about SINAMICS S120 drives

Here are some links to information that will make the event more useful to you.

Video introduction to SINAMICS S120 booksize format

Watch this Siemens How2Drive video overview of the SINAMICS S120 high-performance, servo drive system in booksize format.

Top ten

Where SINAMICS S120 leads the pack

  • Standardize on one AC drive platform for single and multi-axis configurations
  • Chose between build-in units or complete cabinet modules
  • Freedom of one AC drive platform for all types of motors
  • Configurable control algorithms to best match application

Standardize on one AC drive platform across a large power and voltage spectrum

  • Ready for implementation locally or abroad
  • Certifications for special applications including marine
  • Highly scalable through modular design
  • Separation of power and control units
  • Drive based Safety Integrated functions
  • Safety over network with PROFIsafe

Motion capability integrated into drive.

Ability to handle higher level discrete automation tasks and closed loop process control tasks in the drive without requiring an external controller

  • EtherNet/IP
  • EtherCAT
  • Modbus TCP
  • Profibus
  • etc..
  • Digitalization, webserver, Mindsphere cloud based monitoring using Analyze My drives, Mindsphere App, etc.
  • Capable of tomorrow's needs today through digital simulation, AI, remote monitoring, cyber security, and Industry 4.0 initiatives