Innovation in flexibility & efficiency: high performance enclosed drive line-ups

sinamics S120CM cabinet modules

SINAMICS S120CM cabinet modules

The concept of SINAMICS S120CM enclosed drive cabinet modules is innovative: configure even the most complex multi-motor common DC bus drive line-ups or highest HP multiparallel drives up to over 6,000 Hp (4,500 kW) by combining standard enclosed drive modules Available in designs both to IEC and NEMA standards with optional UL listing and SCCR up to 100 kA, SINAMICS S120 CM has established an unmatched baseline for drives in this application area. Engineered for particular drive application using a modular principle, SINAMICS S120 CMs are especially suited for multi-motors with central line supply infeed and common DC link busbars.


What you need to know about SINAMICS S120CM

High performance enclosed drive line-ups

The modular and high-performance cabinet system for demanding applications

Demonstrating cost-effectiveness and simplicity at every phase of the product life cycle – from planning and procurement through installation and commissioning to day-to-day operation and service –the SINAMICS S120CM system offers an outstanding price-performance ratio that can be integrated into any automation solution.

Cabinet module line-ups are typically used for…

  • Multi-motor coordinated drive systems such as for paper machines, rolling mills, test stands, cranes and lifting equipment
  • Very high Hp single drives
  • To supplement SINAMICS G150 and S150 stand-alone enclosed drives

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Typical applications

Modularity moves modern manufacturing

Not only do SINAMICS S120CM drives cover an amazingly wide scope of applications, their modular design allows a high level of efficiency and flexibility within and between these scenarios.
Response to your needs

With SINAMICS S120CM you get what you asked for

Several years back Siemens did a thorough evaluation of customer needs and broke things down to three primary areas of concern...

What you want

Customer needs

You want quality

  • Standardized latest generation products
  • High reliability

You want design & function

  • Wide range of options and system design
  • Application-optimized design / layout
  • Efficient use of space
  • Transparent design / layout
  • Functional safety
  • Operator safety
  • Compliance with local standards

You need support

  • Localized support
  • Current and applicable documentation
  • Service & maintenance optimized design / layout

What Siemens delivers

Advantages of SINAMICS S120CM

Siemens delivers quality

  • It’s SINAMICS – The global leader in drives innovation

Siemens delivers design & function

  • Type-tested units harmonized with one another
  • Extremely compact design (optimized footprint)
  • Type-tested Cabinet Modules yield Increased operational safety and reliability when compared to a custom panel shop solution
  • Extensive range of options allows tailored multi-motor setups
  • Defined interfaces for power connections and auxiliary supply permit almost any plant/system configuration to be created
  • Compliant with NEMA/ANSI and IEC standards

Siemens delivers support

  • Short delivery times through standardization
  • Fewer types and parts are used (spare part stocking)
  • Intuitive ordering and configuration tools significantly lower logistical time and costs
Overview of strengths

Flexible. Reliable. Efficient. Digital.

SINAMICS S120CM – modular cabinet design for high-performance drive applications

The value of a standard product

See why standardization of SINAMICS S120CM saves you time, money and confusion

Welcome everywhere

SINAMICS S120CM cabinet module systems are offered in accordance with IEC or North American / NEMA standards. All versions/designs of SINAMICS S150 of a particular rating (IEC or NEMA) use identical drive electronics components – power module, CU320 controller and CompactFlash card, door-mounted AOP30 operator panel and TM31 I/O module. Differences between the versions are found in the enclosure type and the power distribution / circuit components, as well as in the scope of auxiliary equipment included and excluded, and the range of available standard and custom options.

The North American (NEMA) version

The NEMA versions are designed to meet the standards and codes applicable in North America. Since it bears the CE mark, it is also suitable for export to other regions.

  • Design and component selection per NEMA / ANSI standards
  • Line side disconnect and short circuit protection in accordance with the NEC (National Electrical Code, NFPA70) 
  • Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) standard 65 kA, optionally up to 100 kA per UL508A supplement SB
  • Optional UL listing (or cUL listing for Canada) per UL508A

Technical introduction to SINAMICS S120CM

High performance enclosed cabinet modules
Enclosed cabinet drive, NEMA and IEC
Supply voltage / power range
3AC 380 – 480V ± 10%  :  150 – 1,150 Hp (110 – 800 kW)
3AC 500 – 600V ± 10%  :  100 – 1,250 Hp (75 – 1,200 kW)
Control methods
Vector control with and without encoder, servo control or V/Hz control
Features & functions

• Flying restart 

• Automatic restart 

• Technology controller 

• Free function blocks

• Kinetic buffering 

• BICO technology

• Drive control chart (DCC)

Motor compatability
Degree of protection
IP20, IP21 / IP23, IP43 / IP54
Commissioning / configuration tools
Integrated safety technology

• Safe Torque Off

• Safe Operating Stop

• Safe Stop 1

• Safe Stop 2

• Safe Brake Control

• Safely-Limited Speed

• Safe Brake Test

• Safe Speed Monitor

• Safe Direction

• Safely Limited Acceleration

• Safely Limited Position

• Safely Position

• Safe Cam

Standards compliance

UL/cUL 508A

CE (EMC Directive No. 2004/108/EC, Low Voltage Directive No. 2006/95/EC and Machinery Directive No. 2006/42/EC for functional safety)

More technical information on SINAMICS S120CM

Just get in touch


Most enclosed drives are custom-engineered, so attempting to include all technical data here would be quite a challenge. Contacting a Siemens drives specialist will be your quickest route to getting the information you need.


The whole is greater than the sum

What goes into a SINAMICS S120CM cabinet module system?

Flexibility and versatility

Configure a line-up with as few as 3 or as many as 50+ cabinets

  • Voltage rating 380 – 480 V or 500 – 600 (690) V 3 ph.
  • DC bus ratings from 1,170 A to 4,480 A
  • DC bus rating may vary within a line-up

Line Connection Modules (LCM) match line modules

  • Contain input circuit breaker and other line side components
  • Both single and double LCM’s (1 c/b for 2 line modules) are available

AC and DC auxiliary and control power supplies choices

  • Supply from external source (e.g. from MCC, UPS)
  • Or include in LCM (for smaller line-ups)
  • Or select Auxiliary (AUX) power supply cabinet (4 sizes)

Components overview

Control Unit (CU) modules represent the central intelligence of an SINAMICS S120 drive system. In addition to the basic functions – such as operating system, communication and closed-loop control – they also include the user configuration. 

Control Unit CU320-2 – the brains at the heart of SINAMICS S120's coordinated motion control

Choose either CU320-2 DP (PROFIBUS) or CU320-2 PN (PROFINET)


Optionally also SIMOTION D CUs D410-2, D425-2, D435-2 and D445-2


CUs can be assigned to each motor and line module, or alternatively multiple Line and/or Motor Modules can be controlled from one CU


Options for S120 Firmware on CompactFlash Card

  • S120 basic firmware allows control of up to 3 axes in vector mode (1x Line + 3x motor modules)
  • S120 firmware with performance expansion allows control of up to 6 axes
  • CUs (as well as I/O and Sensor Modules) can be mounted locally in-line and / or motor module cabinets, or remotely (e.g. in a central CU cabinet (up to 230 feet away)
Multi-axis control unit CU320-2
Control methods
V/Hz, Vector with/without encoder, Servo with/without encoder

Basic technological functions

Allows combining individual drives and implementing coordinated technological functions


Easy positioner EPos

Solves clearly structured and simple motion control tasks on the drive without additional external technology


Drive Control Chart (DCC) 

Extends the unit functionality through freely available control, calculating and logic blocks for simple, graphic configuring of drive-specific control / logical and calculating functions

PID technology controller

Control loop feedback – e.g. filling level, temperature, tension, pressure, flow and dancer position controls


Multiple standard functions

Setpoint specification, data set switchover, controller optimization, kinetic buffering, etc.

Standard interfaces

4 DRIVE-CLiQ sockets for communication with other DRIVE-CLiQ devices, e.g. Motor Modules, Line Modules, Sensor Modules, Terminal Modules


CU320‑2 PN: 1 PROFINET interface with 2 ports (RJ45 sockets) with PROFIdrive V4 profile


CU320‑2 DP: 1 PROFIBUS interface with PROFIdrive V4 profile


12 parameterizable digital inputs (floating)


8 parameterizable bidirectional digital inputs/outputs (non-floating)


1 serial RS232 interface


1 interface for the BOP20 Basic Operator Panel

1 slot for the CompactFlash card on which firmware and parameters are stored


1 slot for mounting an option module (e.g. TB30 Terminal Board)


CU320‑2 DP: 2 rotary coding switches for manually setting the PROFIBUS address


1 Ethernet interface for commissioning and diagnostics


3 test sockets and one reference ground for commissioning support


1 connection for the electronics power supply via the 24 V DC supply connector


1 PE/protective conductor connection


1 ground connection

Motor compatability
Up to 12 drives in V / Hz mode or 6 drives in servo or vector mode for Inductionsynchronoustorquelinear motors

Line connection module

The LCM contains the disconnect device and short circuit protection (a circuit breaker plus fuses as required for SCCR), and when required additional components such as, for example, a contactor, line reactor and optionally AC and DC control power supplies. The module feeds 3-phase power to the line side converter – the basic, smart or active line module.

Line modules from approximately 150 to 5,000 Hp (110 to 3,750 kW) (4 parallel)

Basic Line Modules (BLM) 

  • Non-regenerative Diode front end (1Q, 2Q)
  • If any of the loads in the line-up regenerate more power than can be absorbed by other loads, braking modules with resistors are required to convert the excess energy into heat

Smart Line Modules (SLM)

  • SLMs are uncontrolled rectifiers that supply power from the AC supply to the DC bus, and that are also capable of regenerating 100% continuous power from the DC bus back to the line
  • Regeneration can be deactivated with a digital input
  • The use of IGBTs makes Smart Line Modules immune to inverter commutation faults

Active Line Modules (ALM), includes Active Interface Module 

  • ALMs are controlled rectifiers that supply power from the AC supply to the DC bus
  • They are also capable of regenerating 100% continuous power from the DC bus back to the line
  • In contrast to basic line modules and smart line modules, ALMs control the DC bus voltage and keep it constant despite fluctuations in the line voltage 
  • Line voltage must remain within the permissible tolerance range
  • Braking modules with associated braking resistors may be added – typically needed only to brake the load in the event of a power supply failure

Motor modules are the link between the drive’s common DC bus and the 3-phase AC motors

IGBT based pulse width modulated inverters that convert DC to variable voltage, variable frequency 3-phase AC to operate motors at variable speed


Inherently capable of four quadrant (4Q) operation, meaning that they can operate the motor in forward and reverse directions of operation, both when motoring (supplying power from the DC bus to the motor) or regenerating (taking power from the motor and feeding it to the DC bus)


Motor module cabinets may include optional power components, such as output reactors or filters, and control components, such as control units and/or encoder interface modules


Motor modules are available in chassis and booksize formats


Motor modules in chassis format

  • Each motor module chassis format is mounted in its own cabinet
  • Motor modules are available for the following voltages and currents
  • Up to four identical motor modules may be connected in parallel to increase the available shaft power up to approx. 4,750 HP (3,800 kW) at 575 V
  • Motor modules connected in parallel are controlled by a single common control unit

Motor modules in booksize format

  • Motor modules employing booksize format are configured as booksize cabinet kits, at 380 –  480 V (DC bus voltage 510 – 720 V), which are then factory mounted in booksize base cabinets that contain all components and wiring necessary for operation
  • Single motor modules have power ratings of 5 – 100 HP (4.8 – 82 kW) at 400 V to feed a single motor
  • Several booksize kits may be installed in one base cabinet determined by the available cabinet width and the width of the kits, which in turn depends on the power rating
  • Each booksize motor module is individually connected to the DC bus of the SINAMICS S120 cabinet module via fixed mounted fuses
  • Booksize base cabinets can be provided as NEMA 12 ventilated (IP54) enclosures without additional temperature derating

Braking module

  • All chassis format motor modules can be configured as braking modules, where a 3-phase resistor (or 3 resistors in wye connection) is connected to the output instead of a motor
  • Depending on the choice of motor module, continuous / peak braking powers in the range of approx. 135 / 200 to 2,000 / 3,000 HP (100 / 150 to 1,500 / 2,200 kW) can be obtained
  • SINAMICS S120 drive firmware includes the functionality to operate a motor module as a braking module as standard

Auxiliary power supply module

  • Generation of 2AC 230V control voltage for circuit breakers, protections etc.
  • Generation of the 24V auxiliary supply for the other cabinet modules
  • Supply voltage for the converter fans protected against the short circuit
Keep cool

Liquid-cooled SINAMICS S120CM cabinet modules

Available on a custom-engineered basis

To comply with certain requirements regarding installation and ambient conditions, SINAMICS S120CM cabinet modules are available in a liquid-cooled version.


The power loss of the units is transferred to the cooling liquid and dissipated, without noticeably increasing the temperature of the surrounding environment. As a consequence it is possible to save the expense of controlling the climate of the electrical room.


The system consists of liquid-cooled basic line modules, active line modules, motor modules, an auxiliary power Supply module, and a suitably selected cooling unit (heat exchanger module).


Available options depend on the air-cooled cabinet units

  • Adaptations to certain situations require slight changes (for example, DC busbar load)

Easy addition of additional components

  • Re-cooling equipment, piping, etc.
Downloads and support

More about SINAMICS S120CM

Enclosed cabinet module drive systems

Easy configuration and ordering

Configure and order SINAMICS S120CM

Your local Siemens distributor partner will gladly help you with making the right decisions for your specific needs.