The cabinet drive for demanding applications in high performance ranges

sinamics S150 high performance enclosed drives

SINAMICS S150 NEMA and IEC enclosed drives

SINAMICS S150 is an enclosed air-cooled AC/AC variable speed drive ideal for high performance applications that require power regeneration back into the power supply system. They are particularly suitable for use in situations requiring strong demands on dynamics and speed accuracy, high-performance speed control,  frequent braking cycles with high braking energies, and 4-quadrant operation. SINAMICS S150 cabinet units are available for the power range from 100 to 1500 Hp (75 to 1200 kW).


What you need to know about SINAMICS S150

NEMA and IEC high performance enclosed drives

High-performance solutions for higher-horsepower single-motor applications

SINAMICS S150 regenerative drives are available in several configurations covering a broad range of voltages and power ratings, with a wide variety of standard options to adapt to industry and site-specific needs. The user-friendly AOP30 operator panel with graphical LCD and plain-text display provides easy commissioning and parameterization using interactive menus, and alarm and fault logs.


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Typical applications

Virtually anything high performance

SINAMICS S150 drives cover an amazingly wide scope of applications wherever the highest requirements are placed on processes regarding dynamic and reproducible operations. Below is a list of examples – by no means complete!
Overview of strengths

Versatile. Precise. Efficient.

SINAMICS S150 – precision high performance with energy-saving and line-friendly technology

Solving problems around the world

SINAMICS S150 is offered in accordance with IEC or North American/NEMA standards. All versions/designs of SINAMICS S150 of a particular rating (IEC or NEMA) use identical drive electronics components – power module, CU320 controller and CompactFlash card, door mounted AOP30 operator panel and TM31 I/O module. Differences between the versions are found in the enclosure type and the power distribution/circuit components, as well as in the scope of auxiliary equipment included and excluded, and the range of available standard and custom options.

SINAMICS S150 to NEMA standards

The NEMA versions are designed to meet the standards and codes applicable in North America. Since it bears the CE mark, it is also suitable for export to other regions.


Key features

  • Basic NEMA 1 enclosure, optional NEMA 1 filtered, or NEMA 12 ventilated

  • Optional UL listing

SINAMICS S150 to IEC standards

The IEC version is offered in North America for customers who intend to export to other parts of the world. The IEC version is not suitable for installation in North America as it does not comply with NEC/CEC requirements.


Key features

  • IP20 enclosure, optional IP21, IP23, IP46, IP54


Technical introduction to SINAMICS S150

High performance regenerative enclosed drives
Enclosed cabinet drive, NEMA and IEC
Supply voltage / power range
3AC 380 – 480V ± 10%  :  150 – 1,150 Hp (110 – 800 kW)
3AC 500 – 600V ± 10%  :  100 – 1,250 Hp (75 – 1,200 kW)
Control methods
Vector control with and without encoder, servo control or V/Hz control
Features & functions

• Flying restart 

• Automatic restart 

• Technology controller 

• Free function blocks

• Kinetic buffering 

• BICO technology

• Drive control chart (DCC)

Motor compatability
Degree of protection
IP20, IP21 / IP23, IP43 / IP54
Commissioning / configuration tools
Integrated safety technology

• Safe Torque Off

• Safe Operating Stop

• Safe Stop 1

• Safe Stop 2

• Safe Brake Control 

• Safely-Limited Speed

• Safe Brake Test 

• Safe Speed Monitor

• Safe Direction

• Safely-Limited Position

• Safely Position

Standards compliance

UL/cUL 508A

CE (EMC Directive No. 2004/108/EC, Low Voltage Directive No. 2006/95/EC and Machinery Directive No. 2006/42/EC for functional safety)

SINAMICS S150 NEMA enclosed drive - technical information

More technical information on SINAMICS S150

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