siemens at promat show 2023

Discover innovative solutions to your logistics challenges

Siemens at PROMAT 2023

Intralogistics comes of age with Industry 4.0

  • How Siemens is at the forefront of the movement
  • How we can help you address the rapid changes throughout the intralogistics / material handling industry
  • Digitalization and automation: what they do for you
  • How access to data means everything these days - how Siemens can assist you with Inventory management, decision accuracy, cost analysis, forecasting, product tracking
  • Digitalization tools like digital twin, digital enterprise software, edge computing, Mindsphere industrial cloud solutions
  • Strategies for implementing a comprehensive digitalization program that works for you

Rapidly-advancing intralogistics automation technologies

  • Easily integrated operator interface
  • Built-in displays on PLC for rapid fault recovery
  • Robot control interface capabilities
  • Totally Integrated Safety protocol
  • Data availability through The Edge and to the Cloud
  • Identification and locating solutions

Magic all the way across the floor

Conveyor solutions

  • Distributed drives
    Decreasing wiring, improving performance and regenerating power   

Automated storage & retrieval systems

  • The precision, productivity and safety technology to bring your ASRS system to the next level


  • Library of tools and software called SIMOVE integrates path-planning, preventive maintenance, safety, communication, battery management and supervisory control


  • Think drives and motors are too dumb to do digitalization? Stop by and we'll help you think again

Thinking intralogistics further

Digital Twin

  • Virtural & real operation warehouse
    Learn more
  • Virtural & real operation material handling equipment
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Benefits for manufacturers of material handling equipment

  • Faster from concept to innovation
  • A more efficient route to new application
  • New roles, new approaches
  • Maximize productivity and availability
    > Learn more

Benefits for operators of warehouses

  • Test the virtual world, optimize the real world
  • Optimally use operating data
  • Make a valuable impact
  • Save time and money
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Solutions for intralogistics

  • Turnkey solutions
  • Sorting technology and solutions for airport logistics
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Interact with Siemens intralogistics experts

Siemens agv commissioning for promat show 2023

Seminar: Centralized Design and Management of Multiple AGV Types

Tuesday, March 21, 2023
3:00 PM - 3:45 PM
Theater E


Craig Henry
US Industry Manager - IntraLogistics
Siemens Industry, Inc.


What you will learn

Movement of goods throughout an organization is a necessary but non-value-added task. Having multiple AGV or AMR types is also a challenge. The most efficient, flexible and transparent material transport within organizations is a critical. Mastering this task also represents a significant opportunity for improved efficiency. With a toolkit called SIMOVE, Siemens offers standardized, modular solutions, including pre-configured bills of material, communications, fleet management, drive train control, energy management, safety functions, and other onboard functions such as lifting. Pre-configured library and function blocks specific to AGVs facilitate rapid code generation and shorter development time. This system environment Is vendor agnostic; so a fleet can have multiple manufactures and types all deployed and managed centrally.


Key Takeaways

(1) End users and OEMs can simplify design and deployment of AGVs. (2) Tools are available to centrally manage multiple AGV types from various manufacturers. (3) A fleet of AGVs can be designed, operated, and maintained through a central dashboard.

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