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Key visual SINAMICS firmware functions

SINAMICS drive software functions

Today, the central functionality of SINAMICS drives is implemented in software. This "embedded" software is also known as firmware, firmly assigned to specific hardware (hence the name firmware). In the case of SINAMICS drives, the firmware is subdivided into the operating system (OS) with drivers for the hardware, and the drive functions, which are also referred to as the runtime (RT) functions.


Overview of SINAMICS drive software


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Detailed information on SINAMICS firmware functions

Optimally controlled

The Basic Drive Functions represent the core of the complete converter firmware.

These especially include the closed-loop control functions. They determine the optimum movement of the motor, including the coupled driven loads. The better the control works, the faster and better the machine operates with less mechanical stress on the system. This has a significant positive impact on the production quality.

The closed-loop control functions are complemented by comprehensive protection, monitoring, limiting and diagnostic functions as well as functions to increase the availability. The setpoint channel is responsible for accepting and processing control commands and setpoints; it is also responsible for the output of status information and actual values.

Everything on board, from logic to positioning

SINAMICS Standard Technology Functions significantly increase the range of applications that drives can address. The functions are not permanently connected with one another so that they cannot be changed – but are interrupted at defined intervention points and can be newly interconnected / wired.

This opens up the possibility for positioning, controlling the process variables as well as logically and arithmetically handling signals in the sequence control and in the drive control loops.

Much more than just a drive

Advanced Technology Functions are characterized by their very high level of flexibility and performance. This allows extremely individual, complex tasks to be quickly and efficiently implemented in the drive itself. 

This offloads higher-level automation systems to a significant degree. All of the time-critical tasks are directly computed in the drive – therefore minimizing the communication load between the drive and automation system.

Advanced Technology Functions are a clear differentiating feature that expands the functionality of the SINAMICS S120 as compared with the SINAMICS G120.

The functional scope of the Advanced Technology Functions is scalable and flexible.

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