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standard performance drives family

SINAMICS standard performance drives

Pumps, fans, compressors, conveyor belts, mixers, mills or extruders: no matter what application, SINAMICS standard performance drives are perfectly adapted to basic to mid-level control dynamics requirements. Based on the same platform as all other members of this innovative drives family, you will benefit from a standardized and user-friendly operating concept without requiring additional engineering tools.

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SINAMICS low voltage standard performance drive products

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sinamics g120 standard drives application

SINAMICS standard performance component drives

For installation in enclosures

From fractional to high Hp - the flexibility and reliability to meet every industrial challenge 

From the easiest to the hardest, Siemens variable speed v/hz and vector component drives, have the brain and brawn to stand up to the broadest range of industrial applications. Call on Siemens to help select, commission, and teach you how to operate these state-of-the-industry solutions – driving you forward to greater productivity, energy and cost savings, and longstanding dependability.

sinamics g120d standard drives application

SINAMICS standard performance distributed drives

On-machine solutions that save space and cabling costs

Bringing the brains and power out to where they're needed

By moving the drive closer to the motor, you will free up cabinet space and enjoy shorter motor cable runs while benefitting from the same functionality as built-in formats.

sinamics enclosed standard drives application

SINAMICS standard performance enclosed drives

Engineered and tested cabinet configurations

Power and performance for every application - ready to install and run

From simple pumps and fans to sophisticated machines requiring closed loop speed and position control, power regeneration and extended safety functionality, Siemens standard performance enclosed drives come in a wide range of sizes and formats to ensure the perfect fit for your application.


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ac drives webinar

Learn about a big advantage that comes with SINAMICS

Overcurrent Protection (OCP), short-circuit current rating (SCCR) & a new UL Standard for VFDs,
UL 61800-5-1: What you Need to Know


Join us for this webinar where we explain different types of overcurrent protective devices (OCPD), their behavior in circuit protection, and differences among them. This presentation highlights the requirements of motor branch circuit protection according to different standards as well as according to NEC/NFPA 70 for industrial control panels & variable frequency drives. The presentation also provides practical understanding of short-circuit current rating (SCCR) as well as OCPD sizing to obtain a desired SCCR for overall equipment or industrial control panel in compliance with UL/NEC/IEC.


As a bonus, a new UL standard, UL 61800-5-1 for VFDs will be discussed along with its impact to the industry & benefits to the users/OEMs/Panel builders. In addition, the strong benefits of using SINAMICS drives will be demonstrated from the product safety point of view which will help users/equipment owners reduce total cost of ownership through potential savings due to improved product safety and enhanced OSHA compliance.

Video series

UL 61800-5-1: A new UL standard for drives and what you need to know

The withdrawal of UL508C has impacted the drives manufacturing industry, as well as drives users. This short four-part video series provides an expert's perspective on what you need to know if you are an end user of a drive, a panel builder, MCC manufacturer, or OEM.

By the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • Understand the differences between the drives certified according to the obsolete and withdrawn UL 508C and a new UL 61800-5-1, as well as benefits of using the latter
  • Learn about the impact to the industry as a result of the UL 508C withdrawal and what you need to know if you are a drive user or an equipment builder
  • Discover how you can determine the compliance of a drive with UL 61800-5-1
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