Think SINAMICS G120 inside the box


SINAMICS G120E-2 NEMA 1 or 12  enclosed drives

SINAMICS G120E-2 is a range of configurable enclosed variable speed drives for a broad spectrum of industrial applications, based on SINAMICS G120 modular drive components. The drives are air-cooled and available in NEMA 1 or NEMA 12 (ventilated) enclosures. All models utilize a motor side IGBT inverter with PWM technology. SINAMICS G120E-2 is offered with three variants on the line side:  standard 6-pulse, SINAMICS G120E-2 drives are UL listed to UL508A. 


What you need to know about SINAMICS G120E-2

Typical applications


Giving SINAMICS G120 modular drives a home and putting them to work.
Overview of strengths

Features & benefits enclosed in SINAMICS G120E-2

  • NEMA 1 enclosed drive
    optionally NEMA 12 (ventilated) with air filters
  • Standards
    Meets UL508A
  • Enclosure 
    - For SINAMICS G120 6-pulse and regenerative efficient Infeed: wall mount: up to 60 Hp, floor standing: 75 Hp and up 
  • SCCR
    (short circuit current rating) 65 kA
  • Circuit breaker disconnect
    with flange mount operator and mechanical door interlock
  • Intelligent operator panel 
    (IOP-2), door mounted and wired
  • Cable entry top or bottom
    line and motor side
SINAMICS G120E-2 versions

3 choices for versatility


Technical introduction to SINAMICS G120E-2

Enclosed cabinet drive
Supply voltage / power range

3AC 460 – 480V

3AC 380 – 480V (optional)

6-pulse diode front end
with power module PM240-2:

1 – 200 Hp (0.75 -–132 KW)


18-pulse Clean Power diode front end
with power module PM240-2

50 to 200 Hp (37 - 132 KW)


18-pulse Clean Power diode front end
with power module PM240-2

50 to 200 Hp (37 - 132 KW)

Control methods


• V/f Control (General)

• With linear characteristic

• With parabolic characteristic

• Wth user defined characteristic

• With Flux Current Control (FCC)

• ECO linear/parabolic (ECO mode)

• Slip compensation field-oriented control of speed and torque with/without encoder


• Sensorless (SLVC)

• With encoder

• Droop

• Speed controller adaption

• Speed controller precontrol and reference model

• Open actual speed value

• Current controller adaption

• Fast magnetization for induction motors

• Bypass without synchronization

• Autom. controller tuning Vector

• Precontrol

 Functions in firmware / software

• BICO technology

• Free function blocks

• Integrated connection / application macros

• Optimized closed-loop control

• Parameter cloning

• Positioning capabillity with EPOS

• Ramp-function generator

• Technology controller 

• Timestamp for fault and alarm reports

• Web server / Smart Access

Braking functions

• Compound braking

• DC braking

• Dynamic braking

Efficiency / energy savings functions

• Automatic restart

•  Flying restart

• Kinetic buffering

• ECO mode

• Energy / flow calculator

• Hibernation mode

Drive protection functions

• Detection of communication bus interruption

• Detection of missing communication telegrams

• Drive overtemperature protection

• External fault and warning monitoring

• Know-how protection

• Loss of analogue input signal monitoring

• Overvoltage controller

• Undervoltage controller

• Write protection

Motor protection functions

• Blocking & stalling monitoring and protection

• Motor overload monitoring and protection

• Motor overtemperature protection

• Motor short circuit and ground fault protection

• Phase-loss detection (for both supply and motor)

• Speed and torque monitoring

Motor compatability
Degree of protection – drive
Up to IP66
Degree of protection – enclosure
NEMA 1 (Standard), NEMA 12 – ventilated (Optional)
Selection / system configuration tools
Commissioning / engineering

• On-drive – operator panel

• Wi-Fi – Smart Access Module (opt.) (details below under Supplementary components)

• Computer – StartdriveSTARTER

• SD card

Other features

• Removable terminals

• Integrated braking chopper

• Power regeneration capability

• Harsh environment options

Integrated safety technology
Standards compliance
UL, cUL, CE, C-Tick (RCM), SEMI F47

An overview of further supplementary system components for SINAMICS G120 component drives, such as

  • Line filters and reactors
  • Braking resistors
  • Output Reactors
  • Memory cards
  • (Safe) Brake Relay
  • Shield connection kits and plates
  • Adapters for installation on standard mounting rail
  • PC connection kit

More technical information for SINAMICS G120E-2

Easy configuration and ordering

Configure and order your SINAMICS G120E-2

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