Think SINAMICS G120 inside the box


SINAMICS G120E NEMA 1 or 12  enclosed drives

SINAMICS G120E is a range of configurable enclosed variable speed drives for a broad spectrum of industrial applications, based on SINAMICS G120 modular drive components. The drives are air-cooled and available in NEMA 1 or NEMA 12 (ventilated) enclosures. All models utilize a motor side IGBT inverter with PWM technology. SINAMICS G120E is offered with three variants on the line side:  Standard 6-pulse,   Clean Power 18-pulse non-regenerative diode front end, and efficient Infeed with Innovative IGBT based technology for power regeneration to the supply system. SINAMICS G120E drives are UL listed to UL508C, and are available with optional Seismic Certification 


What you need to know about SINAMICS G120E

Typical applications


Giving SINAMICS G120 modular drives a home and putting them to work.
Overview of strengths

Features & benefits enclosed in SINAMICS G120E

  • NEMA 1 enclosed drive
    optionally NEMA 12 (ventilated) with air filters
  • UL508C listing (file no. E319311)
  • Enclosure 
    - For SINAMICS G120 6-pulse and regenerative Efficient Infeed: wall mount: up to 60 HP, floor standing: 75 HP and up 
    - For SINAMICS G120 18-pulse clean power: floor standing (all ratings)
  • SCCR (short circuit current rating) 65 kA
  • Circuit breaker disconnect
    with flange mount operator and mechanical door interlock
  • Intelligent operator panel 
    (IOP), door mounted and wired
  • Cable entry top or bottom
    line and motor side
SINAMICS G120E versions

3 choices for versatility


Technical introduction to SINAMICS G120E

Enclosed cabinet drive
Supply voltage / power range

3AC 460 – 480V

3AC 380 – 480V (optional)

6-pulse diode front end
with power module PM240-2:

1 – 200 Hp (0.75 -–132 KW)


18-pulse Clean Power diode front end
with power module PM240-2

50 to 200 Hp (37 - 132 KW)


18-pulse Clean Power diode front end
with power module PM240-2

50 to 200 Hp (37 - 132 KW)

Control methods
V/Hz (linear, square law, free, FFC, ECO), field-oriented control of speed and torque with/without encoder
Features & functions

• Optimized closed-loop control

• Flying restart 

• Automatic restart 

• Technology controller 

• Kinetic buffering 

• Basic positioning function with EPOS

• Removable terminals

• BICO technology

• Free function blocks

• Compound braking

• DC braking

• Dynamic braking

• Power regeneration via efficient infeed

Motor compatability
Degree of protection - drive
Up to IP66
Degree of protection - enclosure
NEMA 1 (Standard), NEMA 12 – ventilated (Optional)
Commissioning / configuration tools
Smart Access WiFi, StartdriveSTARTERSIZERDT Configurator
Integrated safety technology

• Safe Torque Off

• Safe Stop 1

• Safe Brake Control

• Safely-Limited Speed

• Safe Speed Monitor

• Safe Direction

Standards compliance
• Listed to UL508C, file no. E319311. Some options in options enclosure may be listed UL508A
• Optional seismic certification per IBC 2012
• State of California OSHPD special seismic pre-certification: Certificate # OSP-0346-10

An overview of further supplementary system components for SINAMICS G120 component drives, such as

  • Line filters and reactors
  • Braking resistors
  • Output Reactors
  • Memory cards
  • (Safe) Brake Relay
  • Shield connection kits and plates
  • Adapters for installation on standard mounting rail
  • PC connection kit

More technical information for SINAMICS G120E

Easy configuration and ordering

Configure and order your SINAMICS G120E

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