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sinamics v20

SINAMICS V20 for basic applications

The compact SINAMICS V20 is the easy drive for simple motion sequences. It is surprisingly versatile, features quick commissioning times, robustness and energy efficiency. With seven frame sizes, it covers a power range extending from 0.16 to 40 Hp. Reducing engineering, commissioning and operating costs is at the heart of the SINAMICS V20 design. Scroll down to see how its Simplicity, Ruggedness, and Efficiency features work to make this the most economical yet most powerful drive in its class.


What you need to know about SINAMICS V20

SINAMICS V20 has a compact design, and can be individually adapted to the particular application or user requirements using various options - for example, an external BOP, connecting cable, filter, braking resistors, shielding.. The rugged construction is ideal for operating pumps, fans, compressors and conveyor belts, as well as for basic drive applications in the process and manufacturing industries.


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SINAMICS V20 developments

Typical applications

SINAMICS V20 - adaptable to individual user requirements

Conveyor technology

Learn just how easy, versatile and efficient the SINAMICS V20 is.

Overview of strengths

Simple. Rugged. Efficient.

SINAMICS V20 – The perfect solution for basic applications

Technical introduction to SINAMICS V20

Blocksize component drive
Motor compatability
Supply voltage / power range

1AC 200 – 240V ± 10% : 0.16 – 4 Hp (0.12 – 3.0 kW)

3AC 200 – 240V ± 10% : 0.16 – 4 Hp (0.12 – 3.0 kW)`
3AC 380 – 480V ± 10% : 0.5 – 40 Hp (0.37 – 30.0 kW)

Control methods
V/Hz: linear, square law, multi-point, parabolic, user-defined, Flux Current Control (FCC), ECO linear/parabolic (ECO mode)
Performance functions
• Integrated braking chopper - for 10 – 40 Hp (7.5 – 30 kW) 
• Integrated connection and application macros

• Parameter cloning 

• Ramp function generator

• Web-server (Smart Access Module)

Efficiency functions

• Cascading mode

• Keep-Running mode

• ECO mode 

• Energy exchange 

• Hibernation mode

Drive protection functions

• Detection of communication bus interruption

• Detection of missing communication telegrams

• Drive overtemperature protection

• External fault and warning monitoring

• Know-how protection

• Loss of analog` input signal monitoring

• Overvoltage controller

• Undervoltage controller

• Write protection

Motor protection functions

• Blocking / stalling monitoring and protection

• Motor overload monitoring and protection

• Motor overtemperature protection

• Motor short circuit and ground fault protection

• Phase-loss detection (for both supply and motor)

• Speed and torque monitoring


• Out of the box" install & run
• Built-in operator panel

• Parameter loading / restoring (using optional add-on)

• Smart access / web server (optional)

• Push-through mounting

• Rail mounting

• Integrated braking chopper

Degree of protection
Selection / configuration tools
Commissioning / engineering tools
On-drive, Smart Access WiFi
Integrated safety technology
Standards compliance
CE, cULus, RCM (formerly c-Tick), KCC, UKCA (pending approval)
Supplementary system components

Accessories for your SINAMICS V20

With accessories developed by Siemens and our partners, further increase the operation and control capabilities of the SINAMICS V20.

Commissioning, diagnostics, service

Web-based operator panel with wireless client connection

The optional SINAMICS V20 Smart Access Module is simply plugged onto the front of the drive, allowing easy and user-friendly commissioning, operation and monitoring via smartphone, tablet or laptop.



  • Commissioning using commissioning wizard
  • Setting and saving parameters
  • Setting motor to JOG mode
  • Monitoring drive data
  • Quick diagnostics
  • Saving and restoring settings

Local operation, monitoring, commissioning, diagnostics

Basic operator panel for direct connection to the converter 

The menu-based operation of the BOP Basic Operator Panel facilitates local commissioning of the SINAMICS V20.

  • Connection between drive and BOP Basic Operator Panel
  • RJ45 interface is compatible with standard network cable

By Increasing the number of inputs and outputs on the SINAMICS V20, 400 V drive, the I/O expansion module option extends the functionality of SINAMICS V20 drives.  For example a single V20 could now control a maximum of four pumps. The module is simply installed on the drive and provides two additional digital inputs and two relay outputs for it.


The following inputs and outputs are now available:

  • 2 analog inputs
  • 4 digital outputs
  • 1 analog output

The module has connections on the front and back which may be used in conjunction with other accessories for SINAMICS V20, such as the V20 Smart Access Module, the BOP, and the BOP interface. 

Parameter settings can be stored and reloaded using an SD card or MMC card via the battery-operated parameter loader – even without power being supplied to the drive. This also enables easily loading the latest firmware.

  • Shortens the deceleration ramp time
  • Suitable for 230 V 1 AC and 400 V 3 AC
  • Adjustable duty cycle from 5% to 100%
  • The frame sizes FSD and FSE already have an integrated braking unit

Click below for an overview of further supplementary system components for SINAMICS V20, such as


Mobile. Clever. Faster.

Learn how using the SINAMICS V20 Smart Access Module allows you to wirelessly connect your mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop) via Wi-Fi to the SINAMICS V20. This provides you with a powerful tool with numerous functions for wireless commissioning, diagnostics, and service.

Easy configuration and ordering

Configure and order your SINAMICS V20

You can easily and quickly configure the SINAMICS V20 with the Siemens Drive Technology configurator and then order it via the Industry Mall ordering system.

Configure and order SINAMICS V20 quickly and easily

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