The perfect solution for imperfect conditions.


SINAMICS Perfect Harmony sets the standard for reliability.

As the demand for power and raw materials continues to grow, U.S. manufacturers are faced with an increasing number of operational challenges. For some, it’s the remote location of their plants; others have harsh environments to consider. But although operating conditions are never perfect, your process has to be — because in today’s competitive market, downtime is not an option. That’s why there’s SINAMICS Perfect Harmony.

SINAMICS Perfect Harmony GH180 IQ

Introducing the new SINAMICS Perfect Harmony GH180 IQ

The new SINAMICS Perfect Harmony GH180 IQ combines the reliable technology of SINAMICS drives but now with pioneering analytics and insights. By implementing a digital solution within our medium voltage drives it provides an innovative condition-based maintenance to ensure unparalleled reliability and availability.

Application-specific efficiency. Worldwide process improvement experience.

When it comes to maximizing industrial energy efficiency in VFD applications, the SINAMICS Perfect Harmony is the most versatile and effective solution available today. Check out the links below to learn how Siemens’ experience with a wide range of industry applications - from chillers, compressors and vertical ball mills to submersible pumps and extruders - allows us to identify unique opportunities for process improvement.

Siemens electric energy

FD & ID Fans

SINAMICS PERFECT HARMONY Improves Utility’s Fuel Efficiency and ROI

SINAMICS Perfect Harmony Improves Utility’s Fuel Efficiency and ROI When a global electric utility was having difficulty finding a cost-effective way to better control its process across 20 different plants, Siemens stepped in with a solution that would optimize both power plant energy efficiency and process control.

Replacing the utility’s fuel-inefficient, high-emission mechanical flow control devices with SINAMICS Perfect Harmony variable frequency drives (VFDs) not only improved control; it also decreased auxiliary power consumption. The resulting energy savings yielded a reduced total cost of ownership that compared well with the utility’s 20-year lifecycle cost projections. By optimizing its process through VFD efficiency and reliability, the utility was able to meet output and emissions objectives across all of its plants — with increased profits as a welcome side effect.

Oil and Gas Pump Image


SINAMICS PERFECT HARMONY helps oil wells regain productivity

When research proved that the slowed production on its fleet of Gulf oil wells was related to underperforming pumps, an international oil company turned to Siemens.

To operate the electric submersible pumps that would replace the old above-surface pumps, the oil company would need to also upgrade to variable frequency drives (VFDs). The company initially designed its upgrades around a VFD solution it intended to source from a competitor, but upon discovering the proven reliability of Siemens SINAMICS PERFECT HARMONY VFDs, its plans changed.

Siemens Industry customized a drive to match the original competitor’s specs and partnered with Siemens Energy to deliver a complete solution that has been used to upgrade half of the 122 wells so far.



SINAMICS PERFECT HARMONY Boosts Well Safety and Productivity

When an international gas and oil producer wanted to replace its under-performing natural gas compressor stations with an explosion-proof integrated drive system, Siemens was the only manufacturer to say it was possible.

With more than 10,000 manufactured drives under our belt, we’re familiar with oil and gas safety standards, so we were able to help develop the integrated system required for the job. SINAMICS PERFECT HARMONY GH180 drives provide the clean output necessary for an explosion-proof application, and their higher operating speed ranges are able to accommodate fluctuating gas flows. Together with Siemens explosion-proof motors and MAN Diesel & Turbo compressors, the resulting drive system surpassed all operating and efficiency expectations.

Mining image

Ball Mills

Mine improves output with SINAMICS PERFECT HARMONY

When a major copper and molybdenum mine needed to improve the process and throughput for various applications within its multimillion-dollar expansion, it called in Siemens to help with its optimization efforts.

Only SINAMICS PERFECT HARMONY variable frequency drives (VFDs) were able to meet the three critical criteria for the mine’s ball mill applications: sufficient starting torque, clean operation over a wide range of speeds, and improved uptime and availability. Together, the drives’ variable speed capability and Advanced Cell Bypass technology allowed the mine to maximize throughput while maintaining motor efficiency.

After installing the SINAMICS PERFECT HARMONY VFD on their ball mill applications, the mine owners saw such improvement in their process — and profits! — that they went on to install the drive on three additional applications as well. They expect these updates to yield similarly high levels of uptime and throughput.

 HVAC room landscape image


Las Vegas Hotel Reduces Energy Use with SINAMICS PERFECT HARMONY

When MGM Resorts International needed a way to improve Chiller energy efficiency at its flagship Las Vegas hotel, the Mirage, it faced a three-fold challenge that only Siemens could surmount.

Siemens’ goal was to create a more energy-efficient Chiller system. But in doing so, we also had to ensure the resulting solution would not put the motor at risk or affect its lifespan in any way — plus, it would require an HMI to connect the hotel’s chillers with our VFDs. The SINAMICS PERFECT HARMONY offered the ideal solution, as its zero-harmonic VFD would both protect the Chiller system’s motors from damage and allow the chillers to reduce power consumption by providing variable capacity. We placed 11 sensors on each chiller and connected them to the VFDs so they could be controlled remotely through HMI software developed by Airmaster AU and Conserve It. As a result, the Mirage is able to save $20,000 each month and prevent 4.8 million pounds of CO2 emissions every year.


The maintenance of a medium voltage drive train system can be challenging. The equipment in the drive train is often exposed to extreme stresses subject to varying levels of wear and tear. These strains can remain invisible to the naked eye until it is too late, leading to outages and unplanned downtime.

With SIDRIVE IQ, customers can breathe easy knowing that Siemens experts are continuously monitoring and analyzing the health and operating conditions of their drive train equipment remotely from our Service & Support Center. Siemens provides valuable insight into equipment health as a service to maintenance personnel, which enables them to be notified and to act, often before the equipment breaks down. It’s like having your own drive train expert on staff – working together with maintenance personnel 24/7 and taking care of your drive train equipment with real-time intelligence.

Why SINAMICS Perfect Harmony

SINAMICS Perfect Harmony GH150 Air-Cooled Drive wins EC&M Product of the Year

With available power ratings up to 45,000HP, Siemens offers the SINAMICS PERFECT HARMONY GH150  - the largest, single-channel, air-cooled VFD in the world.

Learn more

No other VFD can match the proven reliability and 20-year lifespan of SINAMICS Perfect Harmony medium voltage drives. And because greater reliability leads to less downtime and lower maintenance costs, the SINAMICS Perfect Harmony VFD also outstrips the competition when it comes to total cost of ownership (TCO). In the white paper below, we analyze the intricacies involved in calculating TCO and the elements that affect it. Download the white paper to learn more about:

  • Which factors contribute to TCO
  • How to calculate net present value (NPV)
  • How Siemens drives achieve a low NPV
  • The inverse relationship between reliability and TCO
  • How longevity and customer service affect TCO

When it comes to large rotating equipment, medium-voltage variable frequency drives (VFDs) offer a significant opportunity to save on operating and maintenance costs. SINAMICS Perfect Harmony VFDs are a particularly cost-effective solution because they can be applied to both new and retrofit installations. By matching the motor speed to the load, VFDs conserve electrical energy, thereby reducing the total cost of operation. Download the white paper to learn more about: 

  • How moderate speed reductions yield sizeable savings
  • Which applications are best suited to VFDs
  • The difference between VFDs and other common electric motor speed control solutions
  • Advantages unique to medium-voltage VFDs

Advancements made in the development of drive technologies means users have a myriad of options when selecting a drive system. Low voltage (LV) variable frequency drives (VFDs) have been applied to applications up to 2500 horsepower (HP). Medium voltage (MV) VFDs have been applied to applications as low as 150 HP. Traditional power system design practice suggests that motor crossover from low voltage to medium voltage is in the 200-600HP range. A recent industrial customers' survey in 2016 shows that some customers consider switching from a LV to MV solution as low as 100HP. So how do you know which drive system to choose?

The white paper, "Cost considerations when selecting a Variable Frequency Drive Solution", explores this topic in-depth. It illustrates a system cost comparison, and considers such factors as system efficiency, cost of installation (cables and out put filters), cost of power quality and cost of input harmonics. A case study - low and medium voltage solutions in an Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) application - is featured.

SINAMICS Perfect Harmony Product Portfolio

We have been working with medium voltage drives since they were first introduced into industrial applications over a half century ago. Over the past 50+ years we have manufactured virtually every topology of medium voltage drive that currently exists today. This expertise led us to create and continuously innovate our SINAMICS Perfect Harmony product line to meet your high availability requirements and overall application needs.

Both the air-cooled and liquid-cooled configurations integrate 50+ patented technologies that have been proven to increase the dependability and efficiency of critical processes. We manufacture all Siemens SINAMICS Perfect Harmony drives in the U.S. at our New Kensington, PA facility.

The SINAMICS Perfect Harmony GH180 drive sets the standard for reliability. It draws on decades of experience with a wide range of industry applications – including more than 80 types of pumps, 34 types of fans, and a dozen different compressors – to deliver the most reliable variable frequency drive (VFD) available today.


Every element of a SINAMICS Perfect Harmony GH180 drive is engineered to maximize productivity and protect your process in a way that other drives can’t. Designed in both liquid-cooled and compact air-cooled configurations, SINAMICS Perfect Harmony medium voltage variable frequency drives (VFDs) deliver superior versatility, efficiency and process availability for the most demanding applications.


And because reliability is a paramount concern for today’s manufacturers, Siemens equipped the SINAMICS Perfect Harmony drive with 50+ patented technologies proven to increase the dependability of critical processes. The drive’s modularity provides a scalable solution that achieves near-100 percent reliability and 99.99 percent availability, resulting in a significantly reduced total cost of ownership over the drive’s lifecycle. A series cell configuration even allows the drive to withstand failures that would overwhelm conventional drives and shut down the plant process.

In less than a quarter of a second, the SINAMICS Perfect Harmony GH180 drive can bypass multiple failed cells to maintain a balanced output voltage. With one cell in bypass, the drive still produces sufficient voltage to allow the process to continue uninterrupted, and the quality of the voltage and the waveform remain virtually unchanged.

Synchronous transfer is used to soft-start multiple motors in a series and efficiently transfer them across the line without stressing the power grid. This closed-transfer approach not only increases energy efficiency, but also helps protect motors and equipment from excessive torque transients.

With a proven record of 99.99 percent process uptime, ProToPS™ protects your process from faulty sensors or data. Unlike typical systems that simply trip the drive and automatically shut down the system due to a malfunction, ProToPS™ offers a proactive control strategy for applications where failure avoidance is critical.

SINAMICS Perfect Harmony drives meet the most stringent IEEE-519-2014 requirements for voltage and current harmonic distortion. An integrated sinusoidal converter not only eliminates the need for harmonic filters, power factor correction capacitors or extra bus capacity, but also protects other online equipment from harmonic disturbances.

No drive offers a higher-quality waveform output than SINAMICS Perfect Harmony. With 21 levels of nonharmonic output voltage, it accommodates any standard motor without requiring additional output or dv / dt filters – which can reduce efficiency and reliability – and it provides the lowest peak voltage to the motor windings to help extend motor life.

Only SINAMICS Perfect Harmony drives are engineered to operate reliably in environments with ambient temperatures ranging from -40° C to +50° C. No other drive can tolerate such a broad range of extreme conditions. An optional PDC allows the drive to withstand even the harshest outdoor conditions, from tropical environments to ocean platforms.

SINAMIC Perfect Harmony drives are designed to deliver maximum reliability, and the SINAMICS Perfect Harmony GH150 is no exception. What sets it apart is its unparalleled versatility. Its separate transformer and control cabinet promote a more flexible plant layout while also allowing for free transformer selection.

SINAMICS Perfect Harmony GH150 drives are specially designed to offer greater versatility and easy integration. Their modular design enables the use of a separate transformer as well as a separate control cabinet. The modular design creates an adjustable footprint that allows for a more flexible plant layout. The control cabinet can even be installed in a low-voltage operator’s room for facilitated operation of the drive.

The SINAMICS Perfect Harmony GH150 raises the standards for transformer flexibility in cell-based medium voltage drives: By allowing for different transformer specifications – such as cooling, size, pulse number and primary voltage – it can accommodate site conditions that require remote placement of the transformer, either inside or outside the plant. The SINAMICS Perfect Harmony GH150 can also help minimize initial investment cost for electrical room air conditioning as well as continuous operating costs. The ability to choose a locally sourced standard transformer may even help reduce the total cost of ownership.

SINAMICS Perfect Harmony GH150 drives are capable of working with almost any induction or synchronous motor available, which makes them perfect for retrofit projects and high-speed applications. They also provide great flexibility in operating a motor with cables that are several miles long.

The SINAMICS Perfect Harmony GH150 drive is often used with high-speed compressors or integrated compressors that need high output frequencies. The higher the motor speed, the higher the required VFD output frequency. With its inherent and highly effective switching frequency, the SINAMICS Perfect Harmony GH150 drive requires little-to-no derating, which means less oversizing and higher efficiency. Additional losses in the motor are often.

With over twenty years of experience operating in a medium-voltage environment, Siemens has set the standard in medium voltage drive safety by offering a fully reinforced structural arc solution.

Siemens has always upheld the highest quality and safety standards in the manufacturing of medium voltage drives, but we are now taking safety a step further. Siemens Arc Defense Technology is the first in the industry to apply passive arc-resistant features to medium voltage drives with integral transformers. Smart upgrades such as pressure-relief panels and custom arc filters help to contain dangerous arc energy in the event of an arc occurrence.

A reinforced structure and the addition of integrated pressure-relief panels to the cabinet roof made it possible for the drive to effectively redirect arc energy up and out. This top-venting approach has the added benefit of being more cost-efficient than ducted solutions.

Standard air filters were replaced with custom arc filters that are nonflammable and metalized. IP42-rated louvers add another potential layer of safety.

Though not yet mandatory, arc resistance requirements are right around the corner. Siemens first began arc-fault-testing its medium voltage drives in 1998. Ever since, all Siemens medium voltage drives have been — and continue to be — rigorously tested and certified to the most current safety standards, including IEC, UL and CSA.

Siemens Arc Defense Technology helps direct the hazards of arc events away from personnel and plant equipment to mitigate damage and allow a faster return to normal operations. The result is a highly efficient, fault-tolerant drive that can help limit operational losses and prepare you for future regulations.

Siemens has developed a range of modular solutions that not only offers complete protection in challenging environments but also offers greater flexibility, protection, simplicity and saving than traditional solutions.  This help you extend the life and increase the efficiency of your drive. 


Depending on your drive’s Hp, you can choose from three harsh-environment solutions that can be placed anywhere up to 2.3 km from the motor. NEMA-rated enclosures ensure maximum protection in the harshest environments, and when paired with Siemens SINAMICS Perfect Harmony GH180 variable frequency drives (VFDs), they also help ensure ptimal

reliability for your operations.

For drives < 1000 Hp


Compares to low voltage drive with step-up transformer

Reduced overall footprint for facilities with limited space


Key Features

-3 wires in, 3 wires out configuration for low voltage input

-Closed-loop internal cooling

-Easily lifted from the top

-Access to main power connections without opening all main doors

-Lockable doors

-Standalone unit

For drives > 1000 Hp


Higher Hp ratings

Accommodates auxiliary equipment: switchgear,input contactor, synchronous gear, breakers, options cabinet

External heat exchangersor air conditioners


Key Features

-Full-voltage bypass switchgear

-Input contactor

-Output contactor

-Output filter

-Prevents condensation with full insulation

-Provides an additional envelope of safety for the operator, similar to metal-clad switchgear

-Protects the drive from impact with double steel-walled construction

For all Hp ratings


Can accommodate multiple drives

Plant-style features: switchgear, low voltage mccs, lighting, UPS’s, plant office space

Fire protection, HVAC and AC panelboard


Key Features

-Complete range of auxiliary equipment (low voltage, etc.)

-Complete range of cooling methods

-Can provide additional logistics and administrative office spaces

-Personal environment meets OSHAoperating and safety requirements

Siemens Medium Voltage Drive Product Portfolio

Siemens medium voltage drives provide the highest level of reliability, precision, longevity and quality. Employed in applications ranging from power generation to oil and gas, water, marine, paper and more, Siemens medium voltage drives are versatile performers that significantly contribute to increased productivity and reduced operating costs. The right drive system can even lower operating costs by allowing you to build a more energy-efficient process.

SINAMICS SH150 drive is a premium and customizable drive system featuring interchangeable modules to offer the most efficient drive design tailored to your complex application’s requirements.

The SINAMICS SH150 drive offers line- and motor-side flexibility and friendliness.

 The SINAMICS SH150 drive features dynamic performance characteristics such as regenerate-4Q operation in single and multimotor configurations.

Capable of being configured with virtually any motor, the SINAMICS SH150 drive offers an almost sinusoidal output voltage.

The SINAMICS SH150 drive has a proven design for onshore and offshore applications.

The SINAMICS SH150 drive is available with IP44 protection type and air-water heat exchanger.

Single- and multi-motor applications such as shaft generators, ship drives, mills, test stands, grid applications and retrofits.

A universal medium voltage Neutral Point Clamp (NPC) drive solution for single motor applications with variable and constant torque characteristics.

The SINAMICS GM150 drive offers simple operator control with a user-friendly operator panel.  This drive offers smooth and reliable operation due to the integrated maintenance functions.

The SINAMICS GM150 drive uses HV-IGBT technology and fuseless design, combined with intelligent response to external disturbances to offer high ruggedness and reliability.

The SINAMICS GM150 drive allows for easy plant integration due to the compact design and highly flexible configuration, which addresses space restrictions and saves costs.

The SINAMICS GM150 drive allows customers to freely select systems based on their needs to meet the requirements.

The SINAMICS GM150 is able to utilize dry-type or oil-filled standard converter transformers or high primary voltages or number of pulses.

Single-motor applications such as basic pump, fan and compressors applications, and mine hoists, especially in marine and offshore applications.

The SINAMICS GL 150 is a load commutated inverter (LCI)  for large synchronous motors and generators.  Compared to voltage source drives, the LCI drive is a cost competitive solution for large power ratings.

The SINAMICS GL150 drives offers mature and proven LCI topology with over 40 years of experience and a large installed base.

The SINAMICS GL150 drives are engineered to offer customers compact design and highest power density.

The SINAMICS GL150 offers high reliability and ruggedness through the use of extremely robust thyristor technology and fuseless design. The SINAMICS GL150 is combined with an intelligent response to external disturbances.

Regenerative capability for energy-saving drive system solutions.

Mainly used in large high-power and high-speed applications such as pumps, fans, compressors, main marine drives, extruders and rolling mills, shaft generators, boiler feed pumps, wire rod mills, starting generators, pump storage and starting applications (e.g., blast furnaces).

A premium medium voltage drive for low and high-speed applications with single or multi-motor systems that require high dynamic performance and regenerative capabilities.

The SINAMICS SM150 offer regenerative capabilities for energy-saving drive system solutions.

The SINAMICS SM150 can be configured so that multiple invertors can share a common DC link.  

Easy plant integration due to the compact design and highly flexible configuration, resulting in saving on costs and space.

Single- and multi-motor applications such as mills, crushers, conveyor belts, test stands, rolling mills and mine hoists.

The cycloconverter for slow-speed synchronous and induction motors requiring high torque.

SINAMICS SL150 is a direct drive that eliminates the DC link resulting in low component count, which reduces capital investment and associated costs for storage and logistics.

The compact and rugged design of the SINAMICS SL150 drive allows it to operate in high altitudes, extreme temperatures and locations with poor air quality.  The SINAMICS SL150 is also service friendly for remote areas.

The SINAMICS SL150 drive is an inherently simple topology which uses integrated test routines, feedback and self-diagnostics resulting in improved commissioning and tuning.      

Perfect for complex high-torque and low-speed applications such as rolling mills, mine hoists, mine winders, ore and cement crushers, excavators and conveyors.