Digitalization Helps Maximize Performance & Profitability

The energy industry is continually facing new challenges, from cyber security to regulatory changes, and portfolio diversification. Siemens is helping energy producers address these challenges head on and develop new business models that help them remain competitive into the future.
A Practical Guide to Digitalization for the Power Industry

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Seven Elements of Digitalization

True digitalization is a paradigm shift in how we approach business operations, mitigate risk, and diversify energy portfolios. Digitalization begins with connectivity, but it extends into analytics, cyber security, and scenario-based modeling. 

The Path To Performance & Profitability

Analytics & Insights

Connectivity allows businesses to tap into their asset's data, generating insights and business opportunities to increase performance. Siemens’ Digital Services, running on the MindSphere platform, gives you the power to analyze your operations on a fleet and asset level, resulting in actionable insights and dependable forecasting.

Operations & Optimizations

A growing demand to incorporate renewables into existing energy portfolios creates risk around your asset's availability, flexibility, and reliability. Creating a digital twin of your assets allows you to run simulations on the future impact of asset replacement, plant optimization, and portfolio expansion.

Maintenance & Prevention

Equipped with actionable insights, dependable forecasting, and personalized risk assessments, you can create a customized plan to maximize the uptime of your assets. Long-term service and maintenance programs, like FlexLTP, let you know when and how to service your assets to extend their life and increase efficiency and performance over time.

Omnivise Digital Services for Energy

Partnering with Siemens puts you in control of data-based decisioning to optimize your fleet or plant's profitability and performance. Our services help you unlock greater availability, reliability, and flexibility across your systems.

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Every plant has a story to tell.  The best stories start with deep data insights, allowing plant managers to make the right decision, at the right time, when it matters most.