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With so many moving parts in today’s energy industry, finding the right path to reach your goals is often a challenge. Disruptive forces such as decentralization, decarbonization and digitalization are permanently redefining the nature of the electrical grid. At Siemens, we provide the perspective and guidance you need to lead your operations in the right direction. We help you move forward confidently and securely.

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The U.S. electrical grid is undergoing transformation like never before. To meet the new demands of this dramatic change, you must address difficult questions. How do you seamlessly incorporate distributed energy resources (DERs) while managing current energy production? Which software and technology investments make the most sense? How can you ensure grid reliability while taking on more renewables? Which solutions help prevent electrical grid breakdowns? We’ve built our Grid Software business by answering the tough questions and helping organizations like yours prepare for the future.

Simplifying the complex

Tackle challenges and reduce stress with our comprehensive portfolio

At Siemens Grid Software, we make the complex simple. In fact, we’ve designed a comprehensive portfolio that addresses the challenges surrounding resiliency, reliability, affordability and security requirements. You can rely on our global leadership and innovative solutions in grid consulting, equipment design, software development and engineering. Best of all, we help you reduce stress. We resolve complicated issues and help define the easiest routes to meeting your strategic goals. Our solutions help you keep up with today’s demands and strengthen your operations for the future.

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As do so many other energy leaders, you can count on our Grid Software team. In the U.S., we have more than 350 employees across all specialties. That means more expertise at more points across the entire U.S. electrical grid. Our offerings draw on Siemens decades of experience with electrification and electrical grids that gives us unrivaled expertise and perspective. And our U.S. experts are backed by 7,200 team members as we build new solutions.

We are the strong, experienced partner you want by your side. In North America, we’ve partnered with:

  • More than 1,000 energy industry customers – from producers to consumers
  • 50% of all investor-owned utilities (IOUs) over the last 10 years
  • Almost all independent system operators (ISOs)
  • Hundreds of developers like NextEra Energy and EDF Energy.


We have the financial strength, end-to-end solutions and world-class engineering and domain expertise that will help you succeed as the grid continues to evolve. By working with us, you’ll become more agile. You can respond to the changing environment more strategically and effectively. And, you can make the changes necessary to achieve a zero carbon future easier and faster.

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Case Study

Blue Lake Rancheria – Energy resilience in uncertain times

A century-old Native American reservation in Northern California took control of its energy by launching a solar power-based microgrid. Subsequently, the community proved its resilience for a second and third time: During extensive wildfire-related outages in October 2019 and the huge disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Blue Lake Rancheria turned out to be a power island in the storm.

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Grid Software project insights

Explore how Siemens delivered concrete client benefits for intelligent, digitally controlled power generation, distribution and transmission.

The energy transition, Hawaiian style

Hawaii intends to have a totally renewable energy system in place by 2045. The Hawaiian Electric Companies have already established a diverse portfolio of renewables. Hawaii relies on conventional power plants, fossil- or renewable-fueled, to maintain frequency and voltage stability. The state's goals for a rapid evolution to renewable energy are driven by a desire to reduce the island’s dependence on imported oil, reduce fossil emissions and improve electricity price stability and energy independence. A research alliance led by Siemens Corporate Technology in Princeton, New Jersey, will evaluate how the largest island, also known as the Big Island, might be able to operate reliably with fewer conventional plants to facilitate up to 100 percent renewable energy with the help of a new assistant system.

American Electrical Power

AEP Transmission, a division of American Electric Power, owns and operates the largest transmission network in the nation, with more than 40,000 miles of lines serving more than 5.4 million customers across 11 states. An initiative was launched in 2015 with two primary goals: to better coordinate network model information across several business functional domains, and to centralize management of that information. AEP Transmission partnered with Siemens Digital Grid to help provide and facilitate the transition to an Electrical Digital Twin Solution – part of AEP’s Network Model Management Improvement Program.

California Independent System Operator (ISO)

California ISO maintains one of the world's largest transmission grids, with 26,000 miles of power lines that serve 30 million people in the U.S. By using Spectrum Power, California ISO can now better manage the increasing percentage of renewable generation that is being integrated into the grid in order to minimize power disruptions and boost grid efficiencies. The sophisticated Spectrum Power energy management system also allowed California ISO to expand its role and become the grid reliability coordinator for more than 40 entities, providing grid oversight in 14 western states and Northern Mexico and slashing carbon emissions.

Modernizing the Puerto Rico Power Grid

When Hurricanes Irma and Maria battered Puerto Rico in September 2017, the island lost all power. Hospitals couldn’t operate crucial equipment such as respirators, and drugs such as insulin that require refrigeration were ruined. The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) needed 11 months to fully restore service. In response, the U.S. Department of Energy and PREPA engaged Siemens to develop a broader strategy for the future. Siemens proposed replacing Puerto Rico’s single grid with eight subgrids, each powered by smaller generators that would tap existing coal-powered plants as well as new solar and battery storage units. 


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