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Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

Federal funding for modernizing the United States electrical grid
Federal Funding

Siemens can help utilities decarbonize and keep the lights on

Why Siemens?

The historic bipartisan Infrastructure law provides billions of dollars to modernize America's infrastructure including the U.S. electric grid.

At Siemens, we can help you navigate the bill and create a grid modernization plan that meets your efficiency, resiliency and sustainability goals. We have the financial strength, end-to-end solutions, world-class engineering and domain expertise that will help you succeed as smart grids continues to evolve. Whether we support you as a consultant, manufacturer, solution or service provider, you can rely on us.

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Securing project funding

The bipartisan infrastructure law provides the largest long-term investment in U.S. infrastructure in nearly a century. Siemens can help you access and compete for project support.

Grid Consulting

Grid Consulting Services to navigate the energy transition

Turn to Siemens Power Technologies International for strategic Grid Consulting Services to help develop answers for the electrical industry's most difficult challenges. Whether it's planning for EV fleet charging infrastructure, Integrated Resource Planning for power generation required for the next 30 years, successfully integrating renewables, or assessing battery energy storage, we bring the perspective and technical expertise neededfor a pathway to a net-zero carbon future.


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Grid Modernization

Helping utilities navigate the energy transition

Modernizing the U.S. electrical grid

Digitalization. Decentralization. Decarbonization.


The increase in renewable sources of energy such as solar and wind, are taxing distribution infrastructure and challenging the grid's reliability and resilience. In addition, replacing carbon-emitting vehicles with Electric Vehicle (EV) fleets helps meet sustainability goals, but also places a tremendous burden on power distribution systems. Siemens can help navigate the challenges of the energy transition with advanced technology, deep expertise and evolving business models to support electrical service providers. 

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Grid Resiliency & Reliability

Shaping grids that are reliable and resilient, integrate and manage renewables and operate more autonomously

Grid resiliency and reliability

Preventing outages and enhancing the resilience of the electric grid

 At Siemens, we shape grids that are reliable and resilient, that integrate and manage renewables and operate increasingly autonomously with tools that can automate, safely provide remote access. In addition, these smart grids can add machine-learning capabilities to alert of spark risks, reroute power, decide when to go into island mode, and more. As these technologies become more widely adopted, we work our partners and customers to make sure capital costs are driven down and the resiliency of the grid is increased.


Helping utilities meet their net-zero carbon goals

Integrating renewables and unlocking their value for additional  revenue streams

The planning and operation of a transmission grid with a high share of renewables comes with numerous challenges which require proper research, planning and quantifying the grid impact during power plant operation.

Smart Grids

Enabling responsive grids that support the sustainable energy transition, and help utilities to provide affordable energy while staying competitive


Technology to facilitate energy independence while improving grid reliability and resiliency

How does the U.S. elctrical grid improve reliability and resiliency?


Microgrids are often the best answer, as they can improve grid resiliency and are a clear path forward to compliance with clean energy mandates and carbon neutrality goals. Microgrids maintain the balance between generation and consumption, and can operate on the grid or in island mode. 


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Disaster, Wildfire, Cybersecurity

Offering a holistic approach to mitigate the risks of outages caused by natural disasters, wildfires and cyber attacks


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