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Grid control

The Spectrum Power™ interoperable platform supports your grid’s future

Grid control is extremely complex. Variables such distributed energy resources (DERs), extreme weather and security risks threaten grid stability. Our Spectrum Power™ grid control solutions help you proactively manage electrical networks while ensuring the highest energy reliability at the lowest possible costs. It provides precise control, more functionality, cybersecurity and a higher level of automation. And with its modular design for changing needs, you will have confidence knowing your grid will be up and running when it’s needed most.

Situational awareness

Improve operations with visibility into your network

Grid management becomes increasingly complex as more DERs are added to the grid, making it harder to maintain a clear picture at all times. You can rely on our grid control solutions to increase awareness of network issues so you're prepared to handle problems that come up. Advanced features also improve grid control visibility and capabilities. For example, the market-leading tools in Spectrum Power 7 (SP7) model and control physical transmission, distribution and DER assets. And valuable functions like weather monitoring help you forecast how much power each DER will generate a day in advance.


Actively control and optimize your grid’s reliability, resiliency and safety

Spectrum Power is the foundation of our proven systems. It’s an interoperable, scalable and cybersecure platform that supports all aspects of grid control. You’ll be able to actively manage, orchestrate and optimize all your transmission, distribution systems and DER assets. You can manage them cost-effectively and efficiently while increasing reliability and safety well into the future. Our ongoing investments in research and development mean we regularly update our Spectrum Power solutions. Consequently, you’ll be prepared to meet emerging needs like DER aggregation and distribution power quality.
Trusted partner

Keeping grids in control around the world

We have more than 1,300 control center systems in operation across the globe, keeping the lights on for hundreds of millions of people. Examples include the Blue Lake Rancheria, the California ISO and the ComEd Bronzeville Community projects.

Blue Lake Rancheria, Blue Lake, CA

Nestled among the rolling hills of Northern California, Blue Lake Rancheria operates a wide variety of facilities. Here we installed a complex campus microgrid that’s operated by our Spectrum Power Microgrid Management System (MGMS), an advanced software control solution based on a powerful utility distribution SCADA platform. It integrates and automates a 700-kW casino, hotel and office load, a 1-MW diesel generator, a 175-kW fuel cell and biomass, and a 500-kW photovoltaic system and 1-MWh battery. The MGMS provides economic dispatch of the solar/battery system.


The project achieves renewable energy generation of over 40% of annual production and enables participation in one or more demand response programs with the local utility. It reduces annual electrical consumption from the grid by at least 680 MWh, achieves at least 25% energy cost savings per year of operation and reduces annual greenhouse gas emissions by at least 195 metric tons of CO2.

California Independent System Operator (ISO)

When it launched Siemens Spectrum Power 7 EMS in October 2019, California ISO gained the functionality it needed. It can now better integrate renewable generation into the grid to minimize power disruptions, boost grid efficiencies and slash carbon emissions. Spectrum Power provided additional benefits, including better situational awareness, improved data accuracy and real-time visibility into weather patterns. And it’s fast. It processes around 10,000 contingencies every three-and-a-half minutes. By August 2021, California ISO was successfully serving 32 million U.S. consumers.


Spectrum Power also gave California ISO the functionality required to become the reliability coordinator for 42 entities across 10 western states and northern Mexico. The operation went live as RC West in November 2019. RC West provides members with such grid reliability services as outage coordination, day-ahead planning, real-time assessment, monitoring and analysis, as well as system restoration coordination.

ComEd Bronzeville Community Microgrid

In Chicago’s landmark Bronzeville neighborhood, we made history with local utility Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) by building a microgrid cluster for the community. As the first utility-operated microgrid cluster in the U.S., it will serve over 1,000 customers, including the Chicago Police Department. The new Bronzeville microgrid will connect with the existing microgrid on the nearby campus of the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT).


The microgrid is operated by our Spectrum Power Microgrid Management System (MGMS). It has 7 MW of controllable generation through a solar photovoltaic system and battery storage to enable full islanding capability. Connecting the two microgrids increases resiliency and allows them to exchange with one another to balance load and supply at a more local level.


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