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Grid edge and simulation

Drive innovation to improve delivery and reach net zero

The many technologies that exist between energy supply and demand form the grid edge. Siemens experts help you capture what’s happening in those places, understand it and improve power delivery. For a deeper understanding of the grid edge, read our free whitepaper: "The grid edge revolution: Innovative drivers towards net-zero energy."

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Optimize energy efficiency at the grid edge

The way we generate, consume, store and share energy is being transformed. Energy models from the past are being replaced by intelligent, multi-dimensional grids where electrical energy is produced, stored and used. Solutions at the grid edge enable energy efficiency optimization across buildings, infrastructure and industries. They empower customers to intelligently integrate renewables and take control of their energy supply, support eMobility infrastructure expansion and enhance the way we live and work. They also provide powerful, flexible and intuitive software tools to support the daily grid simulation and analysis performed by power system planners and operators.

Solutions for success

Find new opportunities on the edge

The grid is where new activity often happens – where utilities and customers meet. Here we offer on-premise, cloud-based or software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. They help collect information and apply unique big data and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to generate the insights needed to maximize new opportunities.
Sophisticated simulation

Plan your future with Power System Simulator

You can gain better insight before making future investments when you work with the Siemens PTI Power System Simulator (PSS) portfolio. The most sophisticated and intuitive portfolio in the market, it provides a variety of tools that help test options and reduce risk. With it you can simulate, analyze and model your infrastructure. It allows you to create digital twins of transmission, distribution and industrial power systems as well as gas, water, heating and cooling infrastructure.


With our solutions, you’ll be able to confidently meet technical, regulatory and economic industry requirements. In fact, 70% of the world’s electricity consumption flows through infrastructure planned or analyzed by our PSS portfolio.

PSS Online Data Management System (PSS®ODMS): provides centralized data management and sharing capability for all network modeling and analysis needs.


PSS®E: high-performance software for transmission planning and analysis, including power flow, dynamics, short circuit, contingency analysis, optimal power flow, voltage stability and transient stability simulation.


PSS Model on Demand (PSS®MOD) is a better way for PSS®E users to manage and exchange model data across multiple time horizons and stakeholders.


PSS®CAPE: market-leading software enables highly detailed protection simulation and analysis that make power systems more reliable. The optional PSS®CAPE Compliance Module enables protection engineers to streamline the compliance process for eight of the NERC PRC standards. It enables you to do automated reporting for NERC reliability compliance.

PSS®SINCAL: simulation software for analysis and planning of electric and pipe networks that allows you to study power quality, frequency stability, distributed generation interconnection, protection coordination, restoration of supply and economic-driven design decisions.


Siguard®DSA: enables fully automated and integrated dynamic stability assessment for any size transmission system.


Siguard®PDP: real-time monitoring of power equipment and dynamic processes using synchrophasors, including packages that allow automatic counter measures.


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