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Transition to clean energy with ease, clarity, and confidence

PSS®DE helps you realize decarbonization goals in your timeframe of choice.

PSS®DE in a nutshell

The energy transition needs cutting-edge solutions to accelerate towards a more sustainable and resilient world. Our PSS®DE simulation software helps you understand how to maximize the value of your sites investments to reduce CO2 emissions. Simulate how DER technologies, combined with EV charging, can be integrated in your energy system, and quantify how investments will contribute to your decarbonization goals. Future-proof your investment decisions for sustainable on-site energy supply with PSS®DE.

Reach your goal in three steps

From energy flows to load profiles, from return on investment to capital expenditures, grid tariffs to DER, and EV charging requirements. PSS®DE helps you model and understand all factors shaping your energy transition in one fast, powerful, and accurate simulation tool.

Create an actionable plan for moving toward net-zero based on your on-site energy system

Phase 1 – Concept

With PSS®DE, you create an unbiased, vendor-neutral decarbonization roadmap of best-case scenarios in terms of cost, return, and reduction of CO2 emissions. You define time series, such as loads, energy tariffs, solar, irradiation, and wind. Then, you add your assets of choice with efficiencies, costs, and MW range parameters, from EV chargers to solar, from storage to heat pumps. Finally, you define your net-zero targets and set financial limits.

Based on your input and a comprehensive asset library, PSS®DE creates optimized, actionable scenarios for you to explore.

You know where you stand, from options to best economic choices

Phase 2 - Planning

Based on your chosen scenarios, PSS®DE supports a deep dive into defined assets from high-level down to granular. You can compare different inputs, variations of technical or financial parameters, limits, and timelines. PSS®DE provides robust default values. Updating inputs as the project progresses, you ensure your simulation gains accuracy, evolving into a detailed twin of your future energy system.


Results from PSS®DE allow you to evaluate the economic, technical, and environmental performance of possible energy systems and make investment decisions based on quantified results.

Keeping it real: What you plan is what you get

Phase 3 – Operation

PSS®DE works hand in hand with Siemens’ Grid Edge SaaS portfolio to maximize value in the decarbonization journey with DERs and EV charging. This cloud-based software empowers you to monitor and optimize the generation and consumption of all your decentralized energy assets and realize additional profit pools over the years.

PSS®DE provides us the insight we need, as we flexibly test, optimize and develop the gigawatt-scale green fuels projects required for the Energy Transition.
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Fast track your energy transition today

Wherever you stand in your transition to clean energy, we help you take the shortest and most effective route to the energy system you envision for your organization’s future.

Frequently asked questions

PSS®DE is useful for experts who want to understand and take advantage of the benefits of on-premises distributed-energy resources and EV charging. It is used, for example, by energy generation experts, energy managers, and consultants working for project developers, IPPs, OEMs, ESCOs, and energy consumers. With its fast and accurate simulations for quantifying economic and environmental benefits, PSS®DE helps them make better and quicker net-zero decisions.


We offer PSS®DE annual subscription in three packages – small, medium, and large. Each package comes with the technology and library models needed for different projects, either as electrical only, as electrical and thermal, or electrical, thermal, and hydrogen.

Each scenario can easily be analyzed and understood in the integrated results, energy flow diagrams and trends. A financial evaluation shows the economic benefits for specific stakeholders.


PSS®DE Small covers electrical projects:

  • Electrical loads
  • External grid connection
  • Wind and photovoltaic (PV)
  • Electrical Energy Storage Systems (ESS)
  • EV chargers
  • Reciprocating engines (RICE) – gensets

In addition to the scope covered by PSS®DE Small, PSS®DE Medium lets you simulate thermal assets:

  • Heating (steam and hot water) and cooling loads
  • District heating (steam and hot water) and cooling
  • Reciprocating engines (RICE) – Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
  • Gas turbines
  • Steam turbines (full condensing and back pressure)
  • Steam and hot water systems, including fuel-based boilers, electric boilers, heat pumps storage, vents, valves
  • Cooling systems, including cooling loads, district cooling, absorption and compression chillers, storage, valves, and vents

PSS®DE Large package lets you simulate the electrical and thermal assets in Small and Medium, as well as hydrogen assets:

  • Hydrogen loads
  • Hydrogen grid connection
  • Hydrogen systems, such as electrolyzers, fuel cells, gas turbines with hydrogen capability, storage, and compressors
  • Process plants, for example, for ammonia and methanol

A structured onboarding process gets new PSS®DE users up and running.

A free 4-week trial is available, during which a Siemens expert can work with you on co-creating a blueprint project. This learning-by-doing approach lets you experience how you can use PSS®DE to find answers. Pre-recorded training videos and comprehensive online resources help you explore answers to previously addressed questions in greater detail.

Training courses are available, either remotely or in-person, in Milan, Italy.

A Power Purchase Agreement is a long-term contract to purchase energy to agreed conditions. PPA helps you attract expert companies that can build and operate new energy systems. It provides financial security in revenue from energy sales to allow third parties to invest in energy systems. PSS®DE gives you a starting point for calculating the tariffs that are the backbone of PPA.


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