Empowering customers to manage their utility costs in a safe, secure, end-to-end solution. 

A user uses the new EnergyIP Mosaic meter data management software on a desktop computer

EnergyIP® Prepay offers the freedom and flexibility for end users to manage future energy bills on their terms.

Prepaid electricity saves money. Everyone deserves access to electricity. EnergyIP Prepay is an end-to-end solution designed for utilities and end users to have greater freedom to manage future energy bills.     

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EnergyIP Prepay

Allow utilities to be a trusted source of real time information and empowerment

EnergyIP Prepay changes the relationship between utilities and customers. Prepay offers more flexibility and freedom to utility customers. Customers can easily add additional funds with modern technology, at a store or calling customer service. EnergyIP Prepay supports tariff modeling with flexible rules and configurations. A supplier portal improves service to end user and utilities ultimately improve debt management and upfront collection with the usage of smart meters.
EnergyIP® Prepay

Greater sense of control, transparency, security and convenience.

Protect revenue, Improve operations, and customer relations

Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) along with prepayment options offers utility customers more control and insight into their energy usage and spending. Utilities have greater opportunity to engage more with customers with sophisticated customer portals greatly improving transparency and convenience. 


Valuable benefits to utilities:

  • Better communication and information to customers
  • Revenue protection and cash optimization through prepay payments
  • Reduce write-offs and bad debt risk due to flexible debt recovery programs

Turn data into insights and insights into action

Valuable benefits for energy customers:

  • A greater sense of control - customers pay on a schedule that they establish and matches their needs.
  • No surprised on their utility bill - customers are more informed of account balances and usage allowing them to manage their budgets with minimal surprises
  • Clear communication and take action to reduce their bills - notifications and daily balance alerts empowers customers to make lifestyle decisions.
  • Convenience and speed - customers can provide frequent payments via online portals, storefronts and/or customer portals. Connections can occur rapidly. 
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EnergyIP Prepay

Get on the path to empowering customers to manage their utility costs in a safe, secure and end to end solution.

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