EnergyIP® MDM Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

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The meter data management system (MDM) that works for you

Get the most out of your smart meter investment with cloud-based EnergyIP MDM. Now available as a Software-as-a-Service, it works for you to unlock the full value of the data provided by your smart meters quickly and easily. 

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Silicon Valley Power uses software-as-a-service to amp up its meter data management operational savings and reduce total cost of ownership 

  • Updates system capabilities while reducing total cost of ownership
  • Increase staff efficiency by decreasing time spent on routine maintenance
  • No-touch customer updates provided virtually with advanced cyber security protection

“The SaaS option for EnergyIP MDM really gave us the best of both worlds. We could lighten our workload significantly for our small infrastructure staff and reduce our total cost of ownership. The new user interface is very intuitive.” 

Tim Lynch - Electric Division Manager, Silicon Valley Power

Proven VEE process provides high quality data and efficient automation resolving more than 99% of data issues 

EnergyIP MDM ensures your data is accurate before you put it to work with its VEE process: Validate. Estimate. Edit.

Validate: ensure consistent enforcement of business policies by validating, or checking, incoming data and events. This validation is achieved with configurable rules and thresholds.

Estimate: automatically create estimated values, based on configurable estimation rules when intervals or register reads are missing for specific service data points or channel combinations.

Edit: a manual process used for a small percentage of cases that failed the verify and estimation process. Empowers the user to manual verify or edit quickly and easily.

Watch how easy the VEE process is using the user-friendly interface in EnergyIP MDM SaaS.

EnergyIP MDM SaaS

Imagine a world in which everything runs smoothly

A world in which you are getting the most out of your AMI investment. A world in which you do not have to implement costly IT infrastructure just to tap into the value of your smart meter data. A world in which your customer base – and management team – is satisfied. That is exactly what EnergyIP MDM SaaS is designed to do.

Unlock the full value of the data provided by your smart meters – quickly and easily with EnergyIP MDM SaaS


How much can you save with EnergyIP® MDM SaaS?

Unlock the full value of the data provided by smart meters with cloud-based EnergyIP MDM SaaS. Learn how you can maximize your investment, reduce operational costs and at a price that works for you.

Discover how much you can save and learn about the benefits offered by EnergyIP MDM SaaS!

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