How microgrids future-proof your energy system

Start with energy resiliency, sustainability and cost savings

No one knows how to harness the power of microgrids like Siemens Digital Grid. Whether you need an entire microgrid or the controllers and software that keep one running seamlessly, you can rely on our market-leading solutions and services. You’ll be able to improve energy resiliency and decrease costs – instead of having to choose between them. And our 24/7 real-time carbon accounting enables you to manage sustainability by dispatching assets based on the carbon content of the grid. Together, we can build a flexible, future-proof energy system that meets your needs.

Demystifying microgrids

Leverage flexibility to achieve clean energy goals

Are you being challenged by new clean energy and carbon neutrality mandates? We demystify the design, installation, operation and optimization of microgrids so you have a clear path forward. We’ll design a microgrid flexible enough to respond to your shifting priorities and your system’s changing dynamics. With our systems and solutions, you’ll be able to quickly change generation assets or individual hardware components, easily add or delete tenants, and seamlessly move from a focus on cost savings to resiliency as necessary.


In short, we’ll work closely with you to enable your distributed energy resources (DERs) to optimize energy usage and ensure cost efficiencies. Our experience covers all facility types, from utilities to manufacturing plants to universities, hospitals and business park campuses. Whether you’re focused on balancing generation or consumption or want to operate connected to the grid or in island mode, we’ll help you meet your goals today and in the future.

Partner for success

Implement customized solutions at any stage

When it comes to microgrids, one size does not fit all. We’ll deliver a solution customized to your exact needs. Our energy management offerings run the gamut, from holistic, end-to-end solutions or services to individual products and applications. Our design process helps avoid scope gaps and pain points during implementation, removing risk and increasing confidence. And when it comes to finance strategies, we can also help. Siemens Financial Services is available to support your project with debt or equity financing depending on your specific needs. Another option is allowing Siemens to own the microgrid so there’s no upfront capital expenditure.

Microgrid consulting

Our Power Technologies International (PTI) consultants provide the upfront information you need to make the right decisions. Our studies help utilities, third-party developers and end users right-size their microgrids to meet their needs – whether it's resiliency, reliability, net-zero carbon goals or cost savings.


You can rely on our Power System Consulting (PSC) technical team to address grid concerns, system impact and strategic site locations. Learn more


Our Energy Business Advisory (EBA) consultants advise on business case, revenue streams and full bankable pro forma development. Learn more

Control systems

You’ll benefit from unmatched control and real-time performance from our two market-leading control systems. Overall, our systems use information to achieve four primary goals: generate immediate cost savings, reduce carbon emissions, improve resiliency and strengthen reliability. Best of all, our dynamic systems allow you to easily shift among these four primary goals.


Microgrid Control is a SICAM application that enables the integration of asset status, measurement and monitoring devices to protect your independent power supply from blackouts. The software also balances out fluctuations in the grid and in power consumption by shedding excess energy in response to voltage/frequency boundary violations. Learn more


Spectrum Power Microgrid Management System (MGMS) delivers optimal management and control. The software’s advanced functions include seven-day load and generation forecasting, unit commitment optimization, load shed, seamless transition to and from island mode, and market participation tools. Learn more

Optimization software

Our intuitive, cloud-based Distributed Energy Optimization (DEOP) software offers a superior way to get the most out of your facility’s energy production and consumption. Designed to meet the operational requirements of today’s market, DEOP gives you a detailed situational analysis by sharing knowledge and experience within each of your facilities and across all of them around the world. Not only does DEOP provide reliable load forecasts, it also accurately forecasts photovoltaic/wind generation based on weather forecast data. You can use DEOP for self-consumption optimization and optimal scheduling based on unit constraints and costs. DEOP integrates easily with SICAM Microgrid Control. Learn more

Proven advantages

Optimize your operations, value streams and energy mix

Microgrids offer tremendous business and operational advantages. They include increasing transparency, optimizing value streams, optimizing your energy mix and strengthening reliability and resilience through grid independence. By generating your own energy from renewable sources, you can significantly reduce costs and carbon emissions and offset polluting resources. Operating in island mode ensures a reliable source of energy when the grid is down and gives you the ability to optimize power usage based on demand and utility prices.

Trusted partner

Choose a recognized leader in controls, optimization and systems

With 76 clients and 2000 megawatts in operation globally, Siemens is a recognized leader in DER controls and optimization according to Guidehouse Insights. Navigant Research also ranked Siemens as the number one provider of distributed energy resources management systems (DERMS) in 2020.
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Securing project funding

The bipartisan infrastructure law provides the largest long-term investment in U.S. infrastructure in nearly a century. Siemens can help you access and compete for project support.


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